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Thanks to Adamant being a serial lolifag and wasting time jerking off to underage Pokegirls, POCKETMONSTERS FANSUBS IS ON PERMANENT HIATUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111!!!!!! WE'VE WON, IGNORANTS!!!!

Adamant (known as Dephender on Serebii; 4chan trip: !!GhPn23oeaPn; date of birth: February 18, 1986/age 33) is a Norwegian autistic Pokéfag and Cocotama weeb, 4chan tripfag, and a Pokegirl fag who lives in Østfold, Norway and condescends to others less knowing than him and makes himself the sole bearer of information by deleting Playerking's posts whenever he is the bearer of important information relating to the anime just so he can repost it himself and pretend he's more important than everyone else. He is a piece of cancer who should gas himself and drink bleach and is so autistic to the point that he doesn't even know whether his favorite Pokemon is Cacnea or Wooper for fuck's sake. One positive characteristic of this waste of body material known as "Adamant" possesses is that he has a vendetta against sick Bulbapedo.

He also supposedly "speaks Japanese"* and his username Adamant is based on Adamantite/Adamantine/Adamantits in Final Fantasy, whereas his username Dephender is based on the original Japfag name of the X Defend item.

He constantly wishes to stick his dick inside May, Misty, Serena, and Lillie (or "Lilie", depending on what autistic subbers prefer) according to his 4chan history and checks out as an old nasty lolicon. He is also a colossal non sequitur feminine fetish faggot who thinks that making a new thread for an unconfirmed episode title is a method of benis enlargement.

Ways to troll him

  • Make a new account on, Serebii, or Bulbapedo forums and call him your "buddy" till he fucking whips lashes at you.
  • State the truth that his level of Japanese is still noticeably foreign.
    • Spam this link to this weeb until he gets bored and surrenders to the truth that Japanese is not a spoken language and it's all mere cryptographic bullshit that no one actually knows or speaks (gaijin or Jap alike).
  • Raep him up the Arceus and dress up as a nekkid qt grill and watch him get pissed off when he finds out he's turned into a fag.
  • Tell him to use English names.
  • Tell him that ratings are only a banned topic on Serebii anime spoilers forums because he's a b[i]ased attention whore who wants to fuck people over by banning innocuous subjects for no apparent reason.

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