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Starving children in Africa will be given these instead of food.

The $100 Laptop, or OLPC, which is short for Organization for Laughing at the Poverty Crisis is an internets phenomena invented by a jiggaboo . No, seriously, this guys name is Negroponte, and is attempting to give technology to Africans who will most likely turn out to be terrorists. As we all know these people have neither the means nor the mental capacity to do anything other than ethnic cleanse each other under the CIA installed ruler of the week.

Some argue that the purpose of the laptop is to extract trust fund money from naïve people for the sole purpose of providing employment for the remaining SmallTalk programmers that haven't moved on to less shitty programming languages.

The idea is useless: you can find a laptop on eBay thats actually better for 100$, if you aren't retarded.


Several of Grawp's peers look on as he makes useful changes to TOW

Like how Christfags think that Jesus and the Bible will cure every single one of the world's problems, academics and freetards think that education and free open source software will wipe out all the poverty and war in the world. Srsly This leads to a lot of lulz, as the project is failing miserably because none of these retards have any of the sense it takes to run a computer company. They get surprised when the companies that they bought components from and had their laptops shipped with want to be paid in something other than Richard Stallman monopoly money.

Even if it were a success in getting laptops to all the children of the world, the project would only succeed in raising the amount of children affected by sex crimes.

What you get

Proof that the OLPC is just a dumping ground for MIT Media Lab nerds to implement ideas that were rejected by mainstream computer users onto starving African children that don't know any better.
This is what the display looks like. People with epilepsy get a more full effect of this ad.
The P-p-p-powerbook is an example of what $100 laptops look like

What is the $100 Laptop, really? Binary GRIDS. The 100 bux machine will be Lunix based, with a crappy display, and a second display option that will only display flash animations and huge banner ads. The laptop will have a 500 niggaHertz processor and 128MB of RAM, with 500MB of Flash memory; it will not have a hard drive or internal wiring, although it does have padding for such things on the inside, but it will have four USB ports for the possibility of an existent memory. The laptops will have wireless broadband that, among other things, allows the children to be stalked by pedos & play shitty machine-specific flash games; each laptop will be able to talk to its nearest human trafficker, creating a new flow of immigrants to teh Western countries. The laptops have an assimilative power source, meaning it can use other forms of technology's power source as its own. There are no other forms of technology in Africa, however, other than AIDS. Because of this once the pre-charged power source runs out the computers have a child labor/abuse adapter, in the form of cranks and whips that power the machine. It can be used as a weapon or as a flotation device for the niggers once it is rendered useless by the utter shittiness of it. This computer will be able to do EVERYTHING except be a computer.

Summary: This shit sucks! Good thing niggers won't know the difference!

Why this is a great idea

Obesity is a major problem for African children

This is not only an amazing idea because the laptops are so cheap and efficient, but we all know that Africa needs moar computing power. It's not like they need food or anything, amirite?

Things it cannot be used for

  • Shelter.
  • The gathering or preparation of food.
  • Body armor to stop bullets or machetes.
  • Chastity Belt to prevent raep.
  • Alternative to jenkem.
  • Doom.


  • The 802.11b interface will result in African waves of aids.
  • The faraday cage will become known as a 2.4 gigahertz Band Aids.
  • Is expected to cost $188.
  • The last thing we need is more niggers sending people fake emails to steal their monies.
  • A keyboard doesn't do shit for anyone who's illiterate.
  • Besides, even if everybody in Africa pooled their money together, they still couldn't afford it, falling 30$ short.
  • Given a computer, a child will immediately look at porn instead of doing something productive. Wikipedophiles are surprised by this because TOW is like porn to them. Dumbfucks.
  • Don't worry, Niggers with computers won't take over the world. Their brains are going to need more computing power for that.
  • White people are trying to fix Africa by sending shitty laptops. The Chinese are trying to fix Africa by sending waves of people who, for instance, know how to farm food, how to build buildings, how to write, obey and enforce laws, and who are intermarrying with the locals. Guess which is more likely to work.

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