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J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, much like Cthulhu, Darth Vader, and Jameth, is a real person whose larger-than-life story serves to inspire countless legions of retarded, basement-dwelling, RL-shunning faggots.

"Bob" (always written in quotation marks, due to faggotry) is the figurehead of the Church of the SubGenius, a fake religion made up by a bunch of pseudointellectual tardlings and art poseurs. Created as a spoof or mockery of "New Age" religions, the SubGenius faithful claim that "Bob" built a TV and saw Jehovah 1, Space God of Wrath on it, then started a religion and a whole bunch of other unfunny crap.

The image of "Bob" is based on old 1950's clip art, featuring a smiling man smoking a pipe. The Church has copyrighted the image, although to date, no internet lawsuits have been filed regarding its use.

There is one basement-dwelling assclown that is intellectually insufficient enough to try to claim to be "Bob" simply by calling himself Bob Dobbs, but he only dupes morons so stupid that even the Church doesn't want them around (oh, and, unfortunately, the band Negativeland too, but only briefly).

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