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We weren't kidding when we said that they're pedophiles.

WWOEC: which stands for 'We Wank Over Erotic Crap' - was a shitty pornographic fanart site where all your childhood memories were sent to die, unless of course, you're a pedophile like all the artists on there.

Unlike sites like deviantART, SheezyArt and FurAffinity, you have to actually pay to get an account. WWOEC is PayPal's public enemy number one, meaning that you have to mail cash to the site's admin, which sucks. Once that money gets there (IF it gets there, that is), all you get is a crappy Frontpage like template to store all your Simpsons porn on. Recently, WWOEC came under control of a malevolent squirrel who, despite claims to the contrary, is furry in every sense of the word.

90% of the time, it's lolicon using American cartoons instead of Japanese style drawings. AKA: Ameriloli.

Most prevalent fandoms in WWOEC

If you really want to get a page in WWOEC (can also mean Wacky World Of Erotic Cartoons), your art MUST be either MS Paint quality or badly penciled, and MUST be of the following:

Anything else is very likely to be baleeted. Sorry, my dear pedophile, but there's always Inkbunny.

The General Discussion

Typical WWOEC artist.

The General Discussion is where these "people" try to be normal and act like they actually belong in society.

Threads include:

Thanks to WWOEC...

We now have a meme on our hands! It's basically the following: "A scene from the hit TV Show ________" then post a nasty picture from WWOEC. Whoo hoo...


Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box, also known as PBX is a sick fuck who's, unsurprisingly, an artist for the WWOEC.

Like 75% of the artists on the site, Pandora is a pedophile who draws incest. Pandora's Box is probably the most well-known user on the WWOEC. Lastly, Pandora's Box is a woman from the Philippines.


If there has ever been one pedophile most responsible for the rape of a single childhood memory, it is 8HORNS and his OBSESSION for Dot from Animaniacs. This fucktard has actually been drawn in other fucktards' art taking Dot from behind. This is the level of sick fuck that he has reached. Also, pretty much 100% of other Ameriloli pedophiles drawing Dot are actually drawing a gift for this fucker.

He needs to die. Seriously.


An artist capable of showing unprecedented flexibility in his shitty half-assed porn, traced and drawn from half of the Internet too busy yiffing and fantasizing about childrape to notice or care.

Prophet enjoys drawing tasteful pictures of respectable topics and beloved innocence. As a respected artist of at least twenty years, he really brings to the Internet a sense of wonderment and joy not witnessed ever cause he has all of it and his oh so awesome pictures of Sonic penetrating what ever furry porn icon he can find, as his art reflects the time and patience of a five year old with crayons. Naturally, he's an "exclusive" artist for WWOEC.

Col Kink

Col Kink is a homeless man who draws pictures of The Little Mermaid being decapitated while Eric skull fucks her and their daughter watches. Like many sickos, Kink's IQ is around 70, so even his newest art looks like it was made on an Amiga500.


Dtiberius is a sick fuck who draws nothing but dickgirls and has as much talent as a thumbtack. He's also a WWOEC artist but, in a first for WWOEC artists everywhere, Dtiberius rarely draws lolicon and furries. Although 90% 100% of everything he draws is dickgirls, the other 10% 0% isn't even worth talking about.

Dtiberius is a talented artist that demands top dollar for any of HIS patented illusionary paper figures done by a pencil. Thus you cannot even think about his art without at least $500. $50 dollars will get you nothing and $150 will get you the majesty that is a background with some characters MAYBE should you be so honored.

He has many fans that will tell you of his skills. They are also top artists that don't challenge them ever.

Last Thursday, some sexual deviant who went by the name of Mor-El commissioned a pic of Rogue jacking off, he then got in an argument which caused Dtiberius to cry and whine on the forums about some evil man harassing him and to never do any art for Mor-El. Mor-El quickly learned that Dtiberius hates people who color his art without permission. Mor-El quickly started coloring pictures for the lulz, a move not yet seen in the community of intellects and connoisseurs.

Drama eventually happened and people were totally hurt. Mor-El eventually continued to troll Dtiberius by posting on Kochan as him, and signing up to sites using his name.

SIGH!!!!!!!!! COCKSUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course it's not me... This little bitch keeps getting lower & lower. This is all the work of one pathetic lowlife imposter... If anyone knows who he is, please burn him alive & bring me his charred skull. I just registered there myself just to tell everyone that he's a fraud, but "You can't comment 'till you validate your email." I DID confirm my registration email...but what else do I have to do to post there? EDIT*- NM... Just got it to work. Everyone please go there and tell them it's not me (why the fuck would I just post my worst stuff...and so little...and be a total ass about it?). If I ever find out who & where this shithead is, I will fucking slaughter his sorry ass!!! *Smilie using a gun on a tombstone* ...I'm dead fucking serious.


—A proclamation of butthurt as told by Dtiberius.


A forty-year-old-something man from Malaysia who draws eye-raping intersexual girls fucking in a cum-tornado orgy, as seen in his notorious comic, Penis Pleasure. Aside from that particular fetish, XJKenny likes shota and loli all the same, but don't mention it to him on his deviantArt or he'll call the administrators on you.


Some argue that *Majic* draws horrendous porn as a joke, but it is more likely that he engages in the illustration of eye rape as means of sexual gratification.

He is super, super cereal about his art and is a growing artist!1! BARNEY PORN IS A BEAUTIFUL AND NATURAL THING NOT SICK, SRSLY!!! But seriously, who the fuck gets off to Barney?!

Rumored to be a furry which would put him only at a mild level when compared to other furry artists.


Called Raylude for reasons unknown. Not to be confused with Raygold who is another kind of sick fuck.

He is a well observed artist on WWOEC and known to be self absorbed. He has an avatar in his drawings, which usually features him having sex with a female character or characters. Which is you know, completely impossible and not creepy at all. His fandom on Palcomix and WWOEC is matched in size by Dtiberius, and topped only by Pandora's Box. But if you know anything about anything on the internetz, level of popularity is directly proportionate to level of faggotry. In that respect, Raylude is a king.


Another sick fuck bent on showing the world the talent that is his art, Nydax is an effictive and efficient carbon clone of every other tartlet, capable of tracing any piece of art and readily claiming it as his own, post haste! His artistic talents include tracing and signing his name.

Absolutely bland in the cauldron of depravity that is WWOEC and really is incapable of creating anything worth mention other than his own worthlessness. He is expected to really usher in a new age of artistic talent with his amazing skills that no one can ever defeat.


Malistrom is an artist who dabbles exclusively in the HIGH-TECH ART THAT IS MS-Paint as it is the ONLY medium capturing the nuance that is his skill. His art ranges from blob like "characters" as he calls them all the way to slightly viewable bitmaps. Many critics expect great things from this man who is incapable of mastering the most basic of motor skills.

He is, among other things, an unabashed pedophile. IT'S NOT WRONG, IT'S LOVE!!

Usako Man Z

No artist can be more shitty than Usako Man Z, a man who's been inflicting his poorly drawn self-insert porn on an innocent Internet for ten years or so now. Imagine Gonterman x 1000 and you get Usako. The worst part: He's actually married to a better artist named Kitty Kross. He is also known as The Bane of 4chan. As of 2011, Usako is officially divorced, thankfully sparing us of the horror of spawning mutant offspring.




An unemployed, basement-dwelling male virgin furry from Staten Island, A-Log is basically what you'd get if you took Chris-chan and made him fatter, uglier and even more pathetic by damaging his already autistic brain with a life time of syphilis. He has posted numerous shitty fanfics to the WWOEC forum, all of which feature his fursona yiffing various cartoon characters with his massive six inch foxdick.

A devoted fan of the obscene scrawlings of Usako Man Z, A-Log's loyalty to Usako was recently repaid when Usako immortalized the bloated lolcow by giving him a cameo appearance in one of his poorly drawn fapcomics, Game Playas, getting blown by Cammy from Street Fighter.

Black Card Ace

Black Card Ace is a grade A pedophile with a penchant for erotic stories involving DEEP LOVE between complex and interesting characters all with a conclusion meant to tug at your very heartstrings. Excluding his many award winning Hallmark classic stories he's written such classics as "Mommy, what are lesbians" and an Arthur fanfic story about a mother and her underage daughter having sex.

Black Card Ace is a dedicated member of WWOEC returning after each forum demise to grace the Internet with more of his award winning stories.


The individual known as Gix is a mysterious and disturbing Internet dweller known for his long winded stories and epic delays between updates. Reportedly seen on a number of websites, including a short stint as a mod on the failed Operation Mindfuck board. His stories revolve around what is his personal avatar kidnapping and raping young girls mainly for the lulz.


The site was originally shitted out on a Yahoo Groups page in 2000-2001, by some asshole named Cobra. The site consisted of people drawing pedophiliac pictures of them raping children to show people what they want their first time to be like, but then it evolved into them raping famous children, then raping furries, then famous people raping furries, etc.


The time period from July 2005 to January 2006 is known as The "OH SHIT, WE'RE SCREWED!" Era. This was because they couldn't program a fucking forum, and heated power struggles that consisted of arguing who got the site...because nobody wanted it. The forum software was re-installed five times because they're stupid faggots. WWOEC itself was experiencing recurring difficulties. High bandwidth consumption slowed down the main site and often forced WWOEC to go offline entirely, which almost made everyone piss their pants in joy. However, that faggot bought a new server.

In September 2005, WWOEC was shut down when they found Cobra jerking off to the huge amounts of child pornography.

Some dumbass named Depth cried himself to sleep when they stripped him of his mod powers. God, what a fag.

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