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Ronald J. Pettis
Age: 70
Birthdate: December 31, 1948
Race: African American
Occupation: Musician / Songwriter
Location: Baltimore, MD
Physical Description:
Height: 5'10"
Other: Slim / Slender Build
Organizations: BLISS, BL.net, BLN
Individuals: Steven Jones
Ronald J. Pettis, aka -7-, is a pedophile from Maryland.

-7- AKA Ron Pettis a longtime member of several pedophile based forums, describes himself as a gay boylover. Married for 23 years before divorcing, Pettis states that he has been an inactive gay boylover living in Maryland. It is unclear as to whether his ex-wife is aware of his being a boylover, but he states that he and his ex-wife are good friends.

Pettis claims to have been aware of his attraction to young boys as a teenager, but that as he grew older his attraction to 10-15 year old boys did not change. He has mentioned a young friend, but says that the boy was 17 when they first began their involvement.

Pettis repeatedly states that he does not have sex with children, but he also does not condemn the practice. He has stated that he prefers long haired boys between the ages of 12 and 15. Pettis is known for posting questions rather than clearly stating his beliefs, however his questions often contain his thoughts and feelings regarding pedosexuality. As many pedophiles before him have done, Pettis tries to justify pedophilia by comparing it to homosexuality.


Is someone sexually attracted to boys...broken and need to be fixed?No. I feel being sexually attracted to anyone is NOT wrong. I feel what is important is what one does with that attraction. Some people have that attraction and never act on it. Some people have that attraction and are overcome by it. Some people live in fear of what they think they might do. I don't feel the attraction itself needs to be feared. I think society's fear is that someone having a sexual attraction to boys will lose control and do something inappropriate to boys. So ALL people thought to be sexually attracted to boys are suspect, and as a result, are sometimes used, accused, misused, and abused.

I am sexually attracted to boy.
I have never acted on my attraction.
I have no need, desire, or intent to ever act on my attraction.
I have no fears that I might one day lose control.
I am not broken and I don't need to be fixed.

But I am also aware boys have been, are being, and will be involved with someone sexually attracted to boys, with and without the boy's consent.

Why can a boy experience pleasurable sexual feelings at his young age? ...Why would a boy be able to experience sexual pleasure before he is capable of reproducing? Some bodily functions “kick in” as he gets older. Why couldn't sexual pleasure wait to kink in as well, until he gets old enough to reproduce?

Unless...it is intended that young boys should experience those sexual feelings...because humans are made that way, as sexual creatures, by nature...

...You ever wonder about stuff like that...like why is the prostate gland located where it is...accessible to a finger or penis, if it wasn't intended to be stimulated by a male? Couldn't it have been placed where it could not be reached? And why is a touch able to increase sexual pleasure anyway? Doesn't that imply that gay sex was intended or at least is an acceptable available sexual option? And if “God” supposedly created us, doesn't that mean that he is okay with homosexuality? Which is true, nature's living example, or man's interpretation of books written by men long ago?

Anyway, what do you guys think...if it is true, WHY can a boy experience pleasurable sexual feelings at his young age?

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed -7- while investigating a known pedophile forum, BLN
  • A check of -7-'s profile on BLN gave us a first name, Ron, his age, date of birth, and his location as Baltimore, MD. Also included in his profile was his Yahoo IM screen name, alisone7. He also stated his AoA and his interests/hobbies.
  • On the BLN forum, -7- posted an introduction, wherein he stated that his name is Ron, his age (at the time), other pedophile sites he was a member of, and noted his interests/hobbies.
  • Using his Yahoo screen name, we checked his profile on Yahoo and noted that he listed his location as Baltimore, MD, which matched the location listed in his BLN profile.
  • A check of his profile on BLISS confirmed his date of birth as noted in his BLN profile, as well as an additional e-mail address, [email protected]
  • Searching for [email protected] on MySpace resulted in a profile for alisone7, in which his real name "Ronald Pettis" is listed as the owner. The age, location, and zodiac are a match to all other information found on BLN and BLISS, in addition to information regarding his physical description.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

Known E-Mail Addresses

Known Web Sites:


Last Known Address

5427 Jonquil Avenue
Balitmore, MD 21215

Last Known Phone Number

(410) 367-3159

Additional Quotes

You're not talking about me...I'll have you know I am the Perfect Older/Adult Friend!

This post isn't for you guys who are the Perfect Older/Adult Friend, so you need not reply...it is for the rest of us.

Okay, you've gotten your feet wet at this being an older/adult friend thing, and well...you know that...sometimes you don't quite get it right..right? Okay. So. take a good look at yourself...look in all those deep places where we keep stuff we don't want to admit. Well not THAT stuff haha, but you know what I mean.

What would you do to be a “better” older/adult friend to those boys who have made a place in your heart? Even if that means seeming to be mean to him/them. As in...part of loving a boy is correcting him when he is wrong.

And you know what, while none of us are "perfect" in our relationships with our young friends, you have done things that you know was the right thing to do. You have been the older/adulf friend he needs you to be. Want to share that with us too. Thanks for your reply

The Plea

There is this thing about me
From which I do run and hide
But no where is there a place
Where I can leave that part aside

I can not tell my own family
Because of a fear that only repeats
That those who should love me the most
Would make me go live in the streets

Would my best friend still be my friend?
Is telling him to much for him to take?
I can't be wrong about telling him this
There is just too much at stake

I pray that others will never know
Because I do know how they would be
I could not deal with the way they would act
The way they would accuse and abuse me

Sometimes when others look at me
I fear somehow they might know
What would they think if they knew this of me?
Would they reject me, tell me to go?

Oh I do wonder of this thing that I am
That brings so many to hate
And cause them all to so easily forget
That I am one too, that god did create

You just have to look to nature
To know there is a place for me
And a purpose my being does serve
A reason for me to be me

Maybe one day I will just leave here
Then I would worry no more
But that would be just too final
There is no way to come back through that door

Tell me why I have to hide what I feel?
Why must I be someone to condemn?
I don't want to have to pretend anymore
But I'm too afraid to be who I am


Does your family know

Well, I voted Yes, they are accepting of me.

But that's not quite the answer. My sister and i live together. My computer is located in my bedroom (I call it my everything room becaused its also my computer/media center and mini studio) where I spend most of my home time. The computer faces the door. While I do most of my BL activities while the door is closed, most of my tv watching activites (through the computer) are shows that feature boys. Same as for the movies I watch. So I think she has probably figured out I have an interest in boys. I've already told her years ago I'm gay, and nothing more was said about it.

I won't throw my gay or BL interests in her face, but I am an adult and will live my life as I please. If she walks in at a time i happen to have a BL board with boy avatars and siggie boy pics on the screen, it would be in her best interest to just live with it. And she has so far on those few occassions.

If her christain beliefs one day over-rides her common sense, what use to be my bedroom will become an empty room, and that will be the last she will ever see of me. I am no threat to anyone, and I am not going to take any crap from her. I don't need her for anything, but she needs me for almost everything. That's probably why she keeps her mouth shut.

Additional Information

  • Interested in human origins and the existence of extraterrestrial beings
  • States that he is a musician and songwriter
  • Lost his twin brother and his youngest daughter

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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