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0_apathetic_0 is a wannabe metal/industrial-loving "troll" who resides in Nova Scotia. She enjoys getting her e-pals to write about her on Encyclopedia Dramatica because the Internet Is Serious Business. Her unrivaled trolling has allegedly caused some 15 year old to delete her journals. She also has a MySpace which she uses to make fun of others and practice high-contrast webcam photography. She is extremely untrustworthy and consistently makes "friends" then "enemies" with the same user in a short amount of time. Also in some severe cases in regards to this philosophy of hers, she often will attempt to make "friends" with the aforementioned enemies just when you thought she finally decided to shut the fuck up. She is also a huge hoe bag slut and will fuck anything that has a penis, even if it means cheating on her boyfriends. She is also known for crying to LJ Abuse when things don't go her way, and is currently a wannabe white supremacist.

She is fucking hardcore.

Users and communities she had trolled

0_apathetic_0 never works alone. She is a follower rather than a leader, usually trolling 15 year old girls and assorted people nobody gives a shit about. She had "friends" but due to her actions and stupidity, she managed to lose them all, just like she lost her virginity at the age of 10!

She is most recently known for a vicious takeover of a well-known metal rating community, _metal_babes, under the moniker hail_troll. (Account purged) As a result of her "friends" then "enemies" philosophy, one those who aided in the takeover later exposed her publicly in the community's info.

*weepy weep weep*

Recently, a hate community was formed about her - (deannah_suxx), (Account purged) populated by people who hate her the most. However, it was taken down in a matter of a few days, due to a snake in the community who leaked friends only information. Deannah's fatty squad, composed entirely of 16 year-olds, decided to cheer her up after she had her e-feelings bruised by creating a pro_dee community.

She was recently raped in the ass by LJ Abuse, thus causing all of her journals and communities to be deleted. She never learns, so is sure to create another.

Communities she has created

She is a moderator for the following communities:

Watch out! If you get on her bad side, she will make a community of you.

Journals, etc.

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