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This is a Live Journal that's serial added by some guy named Dan. Additional details about this person are unknown. His journal proclaims, "You are a pedophile: We have the proof." It mostly rants against furries, fangirls and Russians. Naturally, people across the Internet were offended and they complained to The LiveJournal Abuse Team. No action was taken and these concerned individuals were told to BAWW moar tears.

The Ashi Moto Connection

After realizing that nobody gives a shit, several concerned individuals furries decided to do some detective work of their own. They concluded that Ashi Moto was Dan, because every mean thing ever said about furries on the Internet somehow involves her. She denied the accusations, but Otaku and some other furfags didn't believe it. The end result was a lawsuit and Ashi Moto being banned from the journals of several furries.


This journal has been deleted and purged. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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