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Purpose: To provide a place for pedophiles to trade pictures and other material of underage boys and girls.
Website Address:
12chan allows members to post material and request pictures of anything ranging from child models to underage children who are barely dressed. It is currently shut down, but keeps getting reinstated.

12chan is similar to 4chan in that it is a group that trades objectionable pictures and material; however, 12chan takes it one step further. It is used as a place where all the material that is illegal to post on 4chan is traded. In this forum, pictures of what is termed "jail bait" and other pro-pedophile images are passed around.

(nudity is forbidden, but half-bare asses, concealed erections and explicit see-through close-ups abound).

Boards Available

From this Website http://www.wikichan.org/index.php/12chan the following is available:

  • /a/ - Anime and Manga
  • /o/ - Auto
  • /b/ - Random (really just more /girl/ :()
  • /cat/ - Cats. Not catgirls. Just cats. Should be catgirls. But that will get you banned. Why don't paedos like *cat-girls?
  • /co/ - Comics and Cartoons
  • /g/ - Computer
  • /drug/ - Drugs
  • /fur/ - Furfags
  • /gif/ - Animated /b/
  • /h/ - Hentai
  • /halt/ - Dickgirls and Pregnant girls
  • /l/ - Lolicon
  • /m/ - Mechs
  • /mu/ - Music
  • /n/ - News
  • /p/ - Photography
  • /r/ - Requests mostly for child models (ew, professional shit) and other stuff from /girl/
  • /s/ - Sexy beautiful women (AKA only Asians)
  • /sh/ - Japan's answer to homosexual pedophiles
  • /t/ - Torrents.
  • /tv/ - House
  • /v/ - Fanboys and faggots
  • /w/ - Wallpapers
  • /y/ - Gay shit (yaoi)
  • /u/ - yuri
  • /boy/ - Young boys. A very disturbing board indeed.
  • /girl/ - Younger girls. An extremely arousing board, from babies to pre-teens.
  • /jb/ - Teenage girls. A very arousing board indeed.
  • /mjb/ - Male jailbait; AKA "Michael Jackson Board".


Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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