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Typical 16 year old girl showing off her stuff

16-year-old girl is a term used as a sweeping reference to all teenage girls on the internet. In fact, most 16-year-old girls are 13 or younger, distinguished by their juvenile gossip, teen angst, inability to say a sentence without the word "like", extreme festish for Jonas Brothers Justin Bieber One Direction any shit band, excitement over pop culture, obsessiveness, and incoherent posting using strange expressions, unusual typing styles, and aLtCaPs to scald your retina. They are also a known producer of anti-lulz, the disease that causes AIDS and a whole slew of other virile venereal diseases.

It should be mentioned that the term is in direct conflict with the rules of the internet, which state that there are no girls on the internet; this means that 99.8% of them are really men with rapeable bodies, hiding a dong under their underwear, or were men before a radical sex change.


16 year old girls like to attract attention to themselves by posting pictures of them in arousing clothing and showing off their sweet ass on GaySpace
nothing is needed here
Ke$ha, who all 16 year old girls aspire to be.
Your typcal young lady
16 year old camwhores that are so asking for it.You notice that this girl has some dry face.
Some 16 just can't do it right
More 16 year old girls asking for it.
16 year old girls come in all sizes

Sixteen-year-old girls represent some 90 percent of the teen population and are ubiquitous on the Internets. They typically have numerous journals or blogs, and specialize in creating fan signs and Tumblr whoreage. It's easy to confuse them with fifteen-year-old girls, who are Lj-favicon.png fairly similar. 16 year old girls are also the largest known source of fail in the universe. NO EXCEPTIONS.

PROTIP for Forum Administrators: If you invite one 16-year-old girl to your forum, she will invite all her stupid friends to come too, because, like, oh my god, oh em gee, this place is so CUTE!!! This technique must only be used in emergencies, since it will either make your forum almost as n00bish as OtakuWorks, or turn it into the next MySpace before 2010 2012 2014.

16 year old girls are also the most hated race of people on the earth.

There is also the 12 year old's. They try to act cool by making unfunny jokes and posting them on Failbook. The average life of a 12 year old consists of, trying to be funny, talking with acronyms like BRB or TTYL, eating a diet of Rockstar Energy Drinks and Subway, watching Spongebob Square pants, complaining about funny jokes being raceist, calling everything creeperish, and making them self's look like they are asking to be raped in the vagina by a pedophile. And whatever you do, do not engage 12 year old's. Walk away slowly and nod your head., HAHAHA,DISREGARD THAT,I SUCK COCKS HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS


Sixteen-year-old girls have a tendency to call you late at night to talk about stupid shit thinking that they're convincing you of how intellectual they are. As part of their irrational desire to attract older men, even the ones in special-education programs will try to convince you that they're really mature for their age. They also love cock in their often loose hallway vaginae. It is known that they prefer Hammers of Dawn belonging to nigras.

Sitting through this is like stabbing your dick repeatedly, which cancels out the subsequent, albeit dubious benefits of acquiring 9,001 MySpace friends. But you'll still listen to this shit because you're friendzoned by Ms. Mary Rottencrotch, you beta fuck.

16 year old girls V. 1.0

Most sixteen-year-old girls give themselves away by producing a never-ending stream of mallcore tripe about subjects like sXe, shit bands, trying miserably for the attentions of bois that ignore them (see tumblr), and Jesus.

A high proportion of this sort of posting combined with huge numbers of camwhore pics is at least 100% accurate at predicting the presence of a 16-year-old girl.

Some specimens, however, take on a coy persona. They may make their journals facebook pictures friends only, but these coquettish underage vixens can nonetheless be identified using the following probability chart:

  • Site or journal in tiny font nearly the same color as the background
  1. see also: myspace whore
  2. if all lower case: see emo
  3. if altcaps or slurredddddd: see chav
90% probable
  • Site or journal layout includes text like "1024x768. internet explorer. css. frames. respect for what's mine."
93% probable
  1. if this line includes "tolerance for [...]"
95% probable
97% probable
  1. if the link to the bio page is the word "girl" instead of "bio" or "about me"
98% probable
  1. if her age is in the 60-99 years old range
99.5% probable

2. if a veiled reference to self injury or having an eating disorder is present in banner/links

99% probable
  • and finally, if the site or journal layout changes your mouse pointers from the default to something retarded
100% probable

Using this handy guide, you can instantly identify the owner of this placeholder page as a 16-year-old girl. Note the mouse pointers.HAHA DISREGARD THAT NONE OF IT FUCKING EXISTS ANYMORE

In a less virtual capacity, signs to spot 16-year-old girls are: a constant need to hug each other, a constant need to hug some fat faggot no one likes, a constant need to defend a fat faggot no one likes when attacked, speaking at an incomprehensible speed, laughing at something that's rude at a high decibel level e.g. OH MY GOD YOU JUST SAID WILLY! TATS FUNNY LOL.

Only Breed!: Tumblr-ific!

The only lasting breed of 16 year old girls on the internet, This new breed is 40% indie(and trying to pretend they don't listen to Skrillex and Deadmau5), 30% deformed, 20% idiot, and 10% unrealistic expectations wrapped together with the same desperate whoring that is the fiber of 16 year old girls. Expect these girls to have a Tumblr in which they spam pro-ana photography of girls they so desperately wish to be, post the most recent indie (overrated) tunes such as LMFAO, MGMT, Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros, and love weed because they're progressive and liberal. They also claim to love reading despite only reading The Hunger Games and whore on about how Twilight is better than Harry Potter and Joseph Gorden Levitt is better than Robert Pattison. The majority of what comes out of the mouths include whining about getting a new job, looking for that special someone and telling people about what they ate today.

First, they'll tell you how much they love the pointless, pretentious, nonsensical, and edgy mind-fuck movie they just watched. They'll also bring up whatever gay fagget is currently popular on the jewtubes. Then they'll try to discuss philosophy without having ever studied philosophy which pretty much boils down to: "I'm selfish, impatient, and insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control, and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best.".

Extremely vulnerable and stupid, pretending to be a EDGY XD hipster boy who plays in a band and likes the same shitty music is the easiest way to squeeze out nudes from these chicks. Be warned, at least 100% are average and deformed.

Fun Facts

Trolling 16-year-old-girls

  1. Use Tor; you don't want the one that actually does have mommy and daddy do something about it to have your IP address.
  2. Create a sockpuppet at Facebook (since nobody uses MySpace anymore)
  3. Rip a picture of a teenaged girl from the Wikimedia Commons or some other perverted place for use as your default profile picture
  4. Claim to be homeschooled. That will explain why the bitches you troll don't know who the fuck you are.
  5. Find a group of high school cheerleaders or some similar group of girls tagged in a picture; almost every high school cheerleading squad is camwhored somewhere on Facebook with all the members tagged.
  6. Write messages to each and every one of the cheerleaders calling them cunts and accuse them of something stupid like trying to steal your boyfriend from them, and criticize cheerleaders in general.
  7. When one of them bites, argue with them. They'll almost certainly say that you're wrong. Reply to their rebuttals with yet more obscenities and accusations.
  8. When they block you, make another sockpuppet and tell them they can't hide from you, and tell them how stupid they are for feeding trolls.
  9. Have popcorn and kind of visualize the drama you're causing for some poor little spoiled brat in some other state/province, or even some other country. Who knows, you might have even made her cry!
  10. Fap to all of their pictures Never mind, only pedophiles do that.
  11. Make sure and let them know that they have awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.
  12. One last thing, don't be an idiot and do this to the neighbor's kid or to anybody that might be able to easily figure out who's behind it. Do it to somebody that's several states away to make it as hard as possible to trace, since cops take donuts seriously and will do anything to protect the 16-year-old girls that staff the local Dunkin Donuts. What may be considered petty when the victim is anybody else is a serious crime when it affects the perky little girl that gives them their donuts for free.
  13. If she posts something on Facebook of how depressed she is, simply tell her to go kill herself


16-Year-Old Girls on MySpace 16 year old girls v 1.0 II : Electric Boogaloo

So far, there has been one species of 16-year-old girl discovered: The Common Red-Breasted 16-Year-Old. This breed is indigenous to most parts of the world except, naturally, Africa, Iraq and China, where any woman that dares open her mouth is instantly dealt with. The MySpace of the Common Red-Breast is usually a one or two word variation of the following:

IRL Myspace whore Spike Zombie.
"I love movies, music, people, being loud and crazy. I cant wait to turn 18 because I really really want a tattoo really bad and to get out of my house! I often have moments were I get lost in thought about life in general, why we are here, and what happens next. I have a tendency to wear alot of black. Hey, it's a slimming color. :) I usually am a terrible speller. yay. I am the BIGGEST blonde. My god I can be funny some times. I really need to learn how to think before I talk, I have a real problem of not doing that.....Well I am done writing about me. Yeah so Bye! :P"

Current mood: depressed.


A big blonde who likes to think about life in general(cute boys, tattoos, being stupid)

IRL Myspace 16-year-old girl.

How long can you go without kicking her in the cunt? Not long, I'm sure. How about this one?

my names Jayde, i really like deep thought and i totally wish i was married to bam margera and ryan sheckler at the same time! (is that like possible?!) anyways im feeling Kooky just had TON of sugar! OMG All my friends smoke marijuana! Don't they know it kills braincells! i reeelle dont wanna smoke i just like drinking and like havin a good time u no?? and its so hard all the time with guys just checking me out and acting like im some kindof thinggg u no!! omg im so depressed cuz i gained like 12 pounds this summer and it all went to my asss so i just feel like a fatty all the time."


Oooh boy. Think it can't get worse? How about this one right here?

IRL Myspace 16-year-old girl whore.
names alexis. not gonna lieif yu dont kno me right now you never did - bitches love me .life jus doesnt get better. im nasty and dont give the right people the time of day . im far from tamedddd nd iont need a man actin like there my daddy. i make mistakes but seriously who doesnt. iont want shyttttt to do wit immature people deadass i mean it when i say im beyond the shit people feel they gotta say to make themselfes feel better.... nd all the dumb ass people who only fuck around and cant be seriouscan blow me cause there not takin my ass down wit em. iont want shytt to do wit any lil ass boys cause im not babysitting ? ... i wanna be manhandled. im nothin like any other girls. got the mentality of a man stuck in the body of a bitch. i live for today nd dont give a fuck about anyones shit. im as happy as life lets me but im stronger than ever. . get to know me i wont dissapoint you.

gettttt at meee - A fUSC0."


Slutty cunt no one cares about

Chat with a 16 year old girl

fearisallihave: Hi
a_drago15: not trying to be mean but seriously why do you always message me.. i dont like you
fearisallihave: Because I say hi when some one logs on? You ain't special.
fearisallihave: /Ignore me if it bothers you it's not hard.
a_drago15: ok... but i am in my own way but just dont message me anymore you creep me out
fearisallihave: Lol You're so superficial. How's the sucky life going?
fearisallihave: BTW I know you don't know what big words mean, I just called you shallow.
fearisallihave: Minimum wage feel good?
a_drago15: i do too... mini wage,, bullshit mother fucker.. im make 11.25... life is going great
fearisallihave: Oooooh 11.25 lmao
a_drago15: and what the hell you making.. your going to college.. whoo hoo
fearisallihave: Lol and working and keeping a 4.0 and the average college graduate makes 25+ enjoy being poor.
a_drago15: yea when you graduate lol
fearisallihave: 2 more years.
fearisallihave: You probably would of gone to college but you got kicked out.
a_drago15: but no one cares bout you lame ass.. your a nerd whoopy doo
fearisallihave: Then you came to Job Corps and sucked moodys dick lmao
fearisallihave: Did you even finish Job Corps?
a_drago15: im already in college full scholarship
fearisallihave: Lol Uh huh
a_drago15: getin my RN
fearisallihave: How's that going?
fearisallihave: I bet you can't pass college writing or college algebra
fearisallihave: You couldn't pass the fucking tab test
a_drago15: and i never sucked moodys dick.. you just were jealous i liked him and now you
fearisallihave: Look you're a retard
fearisallihave: Stop messaging me and leaving me alone creep lmao.
a_drago15: i did pass the tabe test for your info..
fearisallihave: Not on your first try.
fearisallihave: Bye Bye
a_drago15: yes i did

Hide Recent Messages (F3)
a_drago15: your a lying ass that need to keep shit to yourself b/c your saying all shit that aint true that you dont even know shti bout
fearisallihave: Are you still fucking messaging me. Look I don't like talking to bums go get a life and go to the food pantry w/ your mom who you probably live with.
fearisallihave: Lol Look at you typing a fucking long ass reponse
a_drago15: oh hell no mother fucker..your wanting your damn ass beat.. my family has money my full scholarship is from playing sports in skool and having a 3.9 and and im not even living wit my mom.. i have my own place.. in fact its a condo.. so quit pullin shit out your ass
fearisallihave: You're family has money. Not you. I bet you like living off your parents. ooh a condo? Are the roaches good bed company? Lmao You're a joke
fearisallihave: Like I said you may pass a few retard classes but I bet you don't pass college algbra or college writing. C
fearisallihave: Eh look
fearisallihave: I'm sure you'd like to tell me more about your shitty life
fearisallihave: But I don't care.
a_drago15: your a fuckin joke my mama dont help me at all... my mom is bout to die with cancer mother fucker... so shut your fuckin ass up b4 i come up ther myself and beat your ass
fearisallihave: Lol cancer of the ass from having to many dongs shoved up it?
fearisallihave: OOoh what are you gonna do come thru my computer?
fearisallihave: I'm so scared!
a_drago15 is typing...
a_drago15: your the only with a shitty life thats why you cant get any pussy b/c you have no life
fearisallihave: Lawdyt
fearisallihave: Lol I have no life but you feel the need to tell me about your crappy life on here . the food pantry is calling. Tell your mom I'll visit her real soon at her grave.
fearisallihave: Toodles!
a_drago15 has signed out. (6/4/2010 2:32 PM)


Who's the fucking 16-year-old?

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