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An example.
That's not Pedobear..

1 For All is a campaign released on the first of July to help spread the message of what the First Amendment is about to Americunts and enforce our will across cultures everywhere. Though really, freedom of speech is fine and dandy until you draw a picture of Mohammad or print a fairly factually accurate representation of abbos in their natural habitat. That would almost be counterintuitive to freedom of speech! And that would be down-right silly.

Too many people today have somehow come to the belief that they are entitled to speak their asinine opinions and have everyone blow sunshine up their ass. Moralfags think we should all be nice to each other. Nigras think we should feel guilty about whites kicking ass at slavery and genocide. And Muslims seem to think we should give a rat’s ass about the fact that their pedophilic prophet has been drawn with a bomb turban.

This EDiot is of the opinion that everyone should be entitled to have their say and make their voice heard. And those that disagree should be able to call that person a fucking retard if their ideas are fucking retarded. But no, CEOs get to decide what is acceptable to read, see, and hear. The fucking toolbags spearheading this campaign are the same cocksuckers that continuously work to undermine your First Amendment rights. Be you American or otherwise, you should be able to choose what you want to see and hear. You should have the right to express what you wish to express. And no corporate or government cocksuckers should be entitled to tell any of you, or us, otherwise.

Fucking Google

At a time when restrictions on speech are increasing around the globe, we think it’s essential to remind ourselves that we can’t take freedom of expression for granted. Get informed, get involved and stand up with us for the First on the 1st.


—David Drummon, Chief Legal Officer of Google

Google is throwing its weight behind the 1 For All movement because it’s the hip and trendy thing to do. Nowhere in their blog or on their information do they mention their own censorship of less than glowing ideas. All they need to do is PageRank a webpage down to zero and the search engine algorithm will skip right over it. But why would they do that? Oh, to filter the data that is being accessed by the public?

Google is of course a private entity and is entitled to associate and categorize content in a way it wishes. But if it is going to be a champion of Freedom of Speech and Expression; then they might want to consider fucking doing it.

Fucking Government

Another example.

It is great to know that a spearheaded campaign is beginning to help spread the word of what the First Amendment means to America in schools. Except for the fact that it’s the middle of the fucking summer and most American schools are not in session at this time.

There should never have been a need to bring special bearing on the importance of key aspects of the Bill of Rights as it probably should have been part of the curriculum in the first place. But then who needs to know about the Bill of Rights when you’re being mentally prepared for a lifetime of working in fastfood or retail. These same people could have sunk that money into things like textbooks that were printed sometime after 1953. But no, our kids need to learn how important Freedom of Speech is because we’re too incompetent to give them a real education that they can use.

Thanks for fucking everything, Congress.

Make Your Voice Heard

1 For All is offering a few contests that will run until July 31st, 2010. They are geared towards spreading the message of how different people enjoy the rights guaranteed to them by the blood and suffering of veterans, yet manage to oppose raising taxes to support their reintegration into society and health care after the fact.

Submissions can be in the form of a 30 second video that shows how you choose to freely assemble, rock, or speak. It can be an image that illustrates First Amendment freedoms. Or it can be an under 300 word essay or short story that explains how the First Amendment keeps us free.

Submission information can be found here. Winners will be featured in the national campaign.

Troll’s Remorse

For all the bitterness and bile espoused in this article, it should be noted that EDiots stand firmly behind the First Amendment. Without it, we would not be able to bring you the (mostly) quality content you are currently enjoying (probably) and would instead be locked up in Gitmo converting to Islam.

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