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1justin is seen here with his former egf, LJ User Lj-favicon.png stopmybreath. Stopmybreath is no longer dating 1justin, and has recently flunked out of college due to rampant drug abuse. She has begun a promising career at a truck stop. 1justin is rumored to be e-dating misoconfused. When asked about the rumor, misoconfused declined to comment.

Hate of Microsoft

1justin, an unashamed Apple fanboy, derides Microsoft in his latest blog entry and also makes an open threat to slaughter anyone opposing his supreme, divinely-imposed, intrinsically-right view[1]:

Seriously, if anyone I know ever buys a non-Apple computer ever again I will punch them in the face and then smash their new shitty computer with a big fucking hammer. - 1justin

When asked about being a "Power User", or a half-intelligent computer user, he responded:

no it's because i want things to just wok as they say i ouwld really rather not have to work at - 1justin

Not only does the reduced grammatical skills and poor punctuation clearly show that 1justin is as intelligent as the blog post shows, it presents evidence that he may even have mild to severe retardation. Yet another testament to the intelligence of someone who so fervently defends their view (Specifically about Apple Computers).