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Attack of the Show Chanology 2/10 Protest Report

Chick: "It's not nice to go after a Religion"

Dood: "If you can put that 'Religion' in quotes!!!"



DIGG plox


Liek all graet armies, Project Chanology has it's own sexy pin-up - Gas Mask Girl


Where the raidz was made.
This caption removed due to copyright claim by Church of Scientology International.jpg
  • Honolulu - low but visible car horn generating turnout. Many Anons had to consult google for local location of Co$ Hive, as we had no idea they could swim. passing passenger yelled "Nevar Forgive," which elicited the appropriate response from one attendee.
  • Los Angeles: EPIC WIN. Around 500 Anons and NORPS hit 4 Co$ locations in a 5 hour raid. I'm knackered. Moar later. --Littlemudkip.gifLittlemudkip.gifLittlemudkip.gifOldDirtyBtardLittlemudkip.gifLittlemudkip.gifLittlemudkip.gifWUT? 19:06, 10 February 2008 (CST)
can this be a talk page now too....? User:Zenophile808/sig 19:09, 10 February 2008 (CST)
  • CoS has done a flyer Campaign in 2 nations, Japan and Australia... No one knows what was on the flyers, they handed them out at train stations.
  • A fair number, probably 1/3 of online Anon, report being followed. For Australia, not updated since, but lots of reports of being followed.
  • The CoS offices were empty except minimal staff.
  • Recordings and pictures made of all Anon protesters in Australia, and many other places report attempts or actual events. Some however report no one there to take pics Razz
  • Japan failed? NOT! Seems 1 anon showed up. I say still victory for the intel this person gathered!
  • Need theme chants for your citys! This has proven to be a big need.
  • was attacked? Unknown status
  • Cool CoS has tried to defame us with fake news reports of violence, debunked in 1 minute
  • Small DDos on earlier? Not to successful if so. Admin thinks was just legit visitors. WOOOOOO lots of visitors then, goooo team!
  • Police have mostly been neutral to outright supportive
  • Issues with masks in some locations. Bring backup disguise stuff just in case
  • Europe started! Europe almost ending. Big turn out in London! USA coming up in 30 minutes. I have to go for my pre-prep in fact!
  • One CoS Agent arrested for trying to remove a mask from an Anon member
  • Some CoS sites have removed signs and window paint indicating they are a CoS branch.
  • London pulled off rickrolls, Bel Airs, bday song to Lisa, and much much more. Livefeed (might be down)
  • Estimatable protestors atm done/doing: 1000-1500ish and growing FAST!!!
  • So far people seem to report HIRED security goons, not Sea Org... hmmmm?
  • Cool Some raids not so epic, some raids beyond epic. Overall = = Epic!
  • Someone arrested in London, reports say a CoS agent
  • Most offices are EMPTY or minimally staffed.
  • There was lots of reports of CoS planning picnics. No details on if this happened or not, or what the deal was here.
  • Anon Members in Maine are protesting at 2 Lincoln street in Brunswick Me.
  • Anon in Cincy see a full house of scidongs. They were having a big class, or session... or something. We saw them stand up in unison, rub their belly and pat their head at the same time. May have barked too, but couldn't hear. Later, they were clapping in unison. It may be possible that they were singing 'If you love Hubbard and you know it, clap your hands!' or just getting rid of hand thetans.
  • It was around -30 Celsius in Toronto and about 200 or so Anons still showed up at its peak before it become really fukken cold. Scinos were watching and laughing inside with Heat lamps and a very gay dancing video about other religions besides Scientology saying that we were supressing their 'religion'.
  • Great early turnout of over 100 and semi-epic win in Chicago where it was a -30 Fahrenheit wind chill. Around 12:30 some Anon left. A fluctuating group, because of the cold, of 20-70 were present in a walking protest across the street from the CoS facility until 4:00. Other anon protested at other high traffic locations throughout the city.
  • Epic win in Philadelphia. Over 130 Anon turned up. CoS had minimal staff present. Police were very helpful. Fox News Had Coverage, and Anon was interviewed for great justice!
  • /B/oston showed 257 of its finest at its peak, best raid ever, everything went smooth. Also the CO$ was video taping up almost the entire time along with a person doing it himself with a smaller one from a window. They also tried to hide it in between the curtains like it couldn't be seen
  • Wichita was epic, despite possible lowest turnout overall (20). Full media and police support was achieved. Media coverage shall help us bring our message to every Kansas household. That's right, all 42.
  • Denver turned out great, 40 attendees predicted and 90 showed up. Not too much scifag activity, except for Rooftop Dude, who watched the protest from rooftops, street corners, and was a good source of lulz.
  • Boulder turnout small due to people going to Denver. Mom there in place of son who was in Israel. 3 Scifags spotted, one with a camera. Protesters lectured to by Ted the All-Knowing Hobo, and threatened by angry camera-shy "irish kid". Videos
  • Dallas is win, 100+ anon show up. Rickrolls and Bel-Airs ensue. Police were very helpful, minimal Scifag activity. One Scifag showed up in a yellow van (lol) who looked like he came from the Taliban. Local residents were very supportive and even wanted to come to the next one. Photobucket of pics:
    we made the news!!!1 video!
  • Austin was also filled with much lulz, complete with party van, rick rolling, and 100+ people.
  • Salt Lake City won a free internets today as 50+ anonymous made themselves known for just under ten hours to Scifags throughout the state. Geared with a lulzy stereo full of anifaggo music and Guy Fawkes masks as far as the eye could see: we definitely needed to man the harpoons. Anonymous may have possibly made the local news, as many anonymous are en route to the news station HQ. Very little Scifag activity except White Car Cop and Grey Car Scifag.
  • Vancouver had about 150+ Anons show up. It was slightly raining and was 7 C, but we got our message out. The SciFags were video taping us the whole time.
  • Las Vegas had about 50 anons. Epic win,as there aren't many scifags here. A news chanel came and interviewed us. A few scientoretards lurking here and there,but no one was followed. PRAISE XENU.
  • Charlotte had about 40 anons. No Scifags, 2 news channels came. Lots of supportive passerbys.
  • Washington DC was a huge success, we had about 200 people. At first the Scifags hung around and snapped pictures but they soon retreated. The police were very nice about the whole ordeal and to my knowledge no one was followed. It was a little cold but we got our message across. One anon brought a birthday cake for Lisa McPherson and it was delicious.
  • Flawless Victory in /B/uffalo with about 40 protesters showing up in spite of single digit temperatures and negative 20 degree windchills. Lots of public support, a Co$ meeting was canceled, and coverage by local print media.
  • San Francisco truly epic, started with about 100 anon, at its peak had over 300. Raptor Jesus appeared, as well as NBC News. Rickrolls and Bel Airs ensued. Minimal to no contact with CoS members, besides occasional middle fingers from those inside.
  • Berkeley was epic fail. Got there about 2 PM and there was literally nobody there, and when the church was telephoned they informed us they were closed....even though there was someone there to answer the phone.
  • Anon members in Iowa are fuck bored with no Scifag rep here.
  • Milwaukee Anon braved -30 degree temperatures to protest, and were some of the few and proud to have received news support. 25+ Anon accounted for; it is in general agreement of all tundra-based Anonymous that spring/summer protests should occur.




A day that was considered absolutely epic also elicited lulzy responses from a church that had made some underestimations.

from this ...

The actions of Anonymous, will in no way interrupt the normal activities

of the Cult Church, servicing it's parishioners and the local community. And we are in coordination with the Police to minimize the negative impact of this Terrorist Group.


Church Representative this



Scientology text message.jpg

Yes this is really the Scientology response. Enjoy. A few choice bits are highlighted.

  1. Hacking is a felony. Sending white powders to harass, spread fear and overwork the authorities is a felony! To undermine freedom of religion is unconstitutional. Taking orders from a foreign secret service to destroy US constitutional laws may be penalized by execution. (Death.) lolwut
  2. Who is behind the international anonymous young criminals? Press release and YouTube videos of Anonymous reads and sounds like Nazi propaganda against Jews.
  3. Scientology wins religious recognition is South Africa, Spain, and Portugal, all within a few weeks.
  4. German secret service is in the hand of psychiatrists. (If you would ever have lived in Germany, you would know that the psychiatrists are even above the courts and government in Germany. No official or German judge would ever overrule a psychiatrist. Most anonymous kids have not much of an education besides hacking, and that is why they don't know that psychiatrists were former barbers and made horrible experiments on millions of Jews and others.)
  5. History shows that the German secret service was specialized of infiltrating and they still do it. Most of the hacker kids might not even know who their master is but as they are dumb and like criminal actions, they allow this secret service to run them,
  6. Tom Cruise becomes target of a defamation campaign because he dares to speak out his opinion against psychiatry and the pharma industry, which consists of psychiatrists of course. They blow anything that Tom Cruise said completely out of proportion.
  7. The Germans started two world wars, invented the atomic bomb, invented the police state, invented psychiatry and run the anti- religious extremists and the anonymous harassers who are clueless about Scientology.
  8. Who ever dares to point the finger at those who are really behind this, is being harassed and defamed and probably worse. LOL IRONY!
  9. The German secret service recruits either criminals or young dummies for their purposes. Intelligent people would never participate.
  10. The kids hide their faces during their hate marches because they know that they are lying about the religion Scientology. They know that they violated the laws and don't want to be sued or prosecuted.

As everyone knows, Scientology HATES Germany due to the pure fact that Germany classifies them as a dangerous cult, and anonymous is driven by a German Secret Service? Lulz
Kapitän-Grund sagt: Das ist eine Last der männlichen Scheiße, und sie wissen es.

Basically, according to Scientology, "Anonymous are a bunch of stupid dumbdumb-heads and they smell". Further proof that scifags are lolcows of the highest caliber.


Anonymous, The Interstellar Invasion Fleet?

See main article: Marcab Confederacy


Can anyone else who still has contact or sources in Criminal Cult confirm OSA fanantic insiders have flipped out?

I have received intelligence ( if you can call it that):

Apparently, DM has accepted an explanation for the Sudden Anonoymous Uprising Phenomenom (Plague of those below 2.0 on Tone Scale) that defies all reason. Allegedly some brilliant Hubbard fanatic has convinced many senior Co$ that the Marcabs, the Fourth or Fifth Invader Fleet and the Psychos have used the Internet to take control of thousands of net Minions. These hapless victims are attacking Scientology under the direction of the Psychos immediate Lieutenants: ARSCC (wdne). Several current and formerly overtly prominent ARS Sps are deemed to be Regional Directors of Operations for Anonymous. These Regional directors will be targeted for express handling should legal efforts fail to win injunctions against the mass demonstrations.

I've had this madness communicated to me from two different and usually reliable sources.

Have they blown our cover?

Headcounts of worldwide Co$ Protests

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