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What most teenage girls look like
And the boys

The 2010s is the current decade, spanning from 2010 to 2019. Eternal September hit the intarwebs hard, and now it's cool- the norm, to be a memefag autist IRL. This brought in a sea of NORP retards who have completely destroyed most of the internet's culture. Most web developers have dumbed-down all of their sites and removed a significant amount of features; YouTube is a notable example. Generation Z has also significantly contributed to the decline of e-culture, and indeed Western Civilization as a whole. Millenials and Z-fags are of an adult age by now, and are infamous for being Hipsters or hypersexual degenerate freaks. Furry porn and MLP porn are fapped to by youth. A majority of the masses fully accept Homosexuality, Trannies, and are even starting to fight for the rights of Pedophiles. Global Warming (or the jews) has started to significantly fuck Earth's shit up. The 2016 elections of Dumbfuckistan were one of the most significant events of the decade, when The Donald took on the Republicans, hijacked their party, and kicked Hillary Clinton's crusty ass, becoming the world's most powerful person for 2 years. There were a significant amount of mass shootings, with dozens of players successfully reaching the High Score. The SJW menace has taken complete control of mainstream society, and instigated 1984 into reality, along with the help of the governments of the world. World War 3 was nearly averted due to the alliance between Trump and Putin. By the time the decade is over, society has completely become a degenerate, marxist Idiocracy.

What happened?

School Shootings became an hourly occurrence during this decade.
Can't Mossad The Assad.jpg

By Year






TJ Lane killer shirt.jpg
  • Aaron Swartz kills himself.
  • Trolls from 4chan and GNAA troll teenage girls, via creation of the Cut4Bieber movement.
  • Chris Dorner performs community service, by killing some fucking cops and surviving his 6 star wanted level for a while.
  • TJ Lane goes to trial and trolls everyone, becoming an extreme sensation.
  • Yeiner Perez has an episode.
  • OhInternet shuts down. Nobody gives a fuck.


Rage of the Virgin.jpg


Jared chris hansen.jpg
  • A degenerate tranny named Leelah Alcorn kills herhimself by jumping in front of a truck. Extreme lulz commence.
  • Charlie Hebdo is nearly assasinated by... Muslims.
  • An EDiot and his friends create Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015. Sadly, a media blackout occurs, preventing a massive Muslim chimpout.
  • A respectable cop kills another savage ape, sparking another Chimpout. This time, it's in Baltimore.
  • Fucktons of Mass Shootings occur this year.
  • Jared Fogle is convicted of Pedophilia.
  • Lightning strikes Mecca, collapsing a crane and killing hundreds of Muslims. Karma.
  • France gets shot up again. This time 120+ French fags get fucking killed. The Religion of Peace strikes again!!






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