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It's been over 10 years since the start of the golden age of the late 2000s. Memes and OC died out for well over 5 years, but in the middle of the 2010s, we saw a resurgence of lulz. Memes like Donald Trump and Pepe The Frog have ushered in a new age of fun with many reinventions of our classical meme culture. The world is on the brink of war, pitting Nationalists against Globalists and SJWs against people with IQs over like 5. This year is expected to have more happenings than any year before!

Need a recap of what happened last year? We've got you covered.


Dramatic Events from 2017


  • On the very first day of the year, trolls release a game called Angry Goy where the goal is to mass exterminate rapefugees, jews and other untermensch from Europe.
  • The UK government will start spying and hacking into systems for statistics that nobody gives a shit about.
  • Once the gift giving was over, Santa Claus killed 39 and injured 69 in an Istanbul nightclub.
  • Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of Dumbfuckistan on the 20th.
  • Final Fantasy VII turns 20. Weebs still butthurt over Aeris.
  • 4chan baits the easily offended masses on Twitter with Clovergender.
  • Niggers in Chiraq abduct a white boy and torture him for hours. They live-stream it on Facebook, before eventually getting captured. This incident only further worsens the already deteriorating race relations in the United States. The Chiraq police, being the liberal cucks that they are, refuse to recognize it as a hate crime.
  • Sam Hyde shoots up a festival in Mexico, resulting in over a dozen casualties, before fleeing south to run amok in a Mexican high school. He fled the country and has yet to be apprehended.
  • Juggalos figure out how the fuck magnets work
  • The CIA get's baited by /pol/ into believing that Trump hired hookers to piss on a bed so that Obama would cry like an anime fan on prom night
  • BeCandid gets caught in hosting great amounts of CP.
  • Dylann Storm Roof represents himself in court and pulls his plan off- getting the death penalty.
  • Gambia chimps out
  • Obongo commutes the sentence of Bradley "Chelsea" Manning.
  • Trump cucks CNN at a press conference calling them out for being fake news. YouTube Favicon.png Mark Dice tells the story
  • Zoe Quinn decided to become agender, thereby robbing the 5 guys' only claim to being with a woman. It might turn into the Archive today-ico.png neutrois identity. Only a matter of time before she turns into a proper YouTube Favicon.png cancer alien
  • Some faggy little kid in Mexico shoots up his school; gore pics are leaked to much drama and lulz.
  • Archive today-ico.png Mark Hamill responds to ED on Twitter. ED owner finally gets his first erection of 2017.
  • A mudslime named Dimitrious Gargasoulas culturally enriches an Australian mall in Melbourne, turning it into a racing course. A few people get educated about diversity.
  • Kiwifarms is shut down after Null or some other admin's family is doxxed and trolled HARD, causing someone's mommy to lose their job.
    • tl;dr karma's a bitch.
    • Kiwifags flood ED and EDF en-masse prompting staff to create a new kiddie pool for the invaders.
  • ISIS pwns an ancient roman theater
  • After Obongo pardoned countless prisoners, news leaks out that 4 of them were cartel leaders.
  • Trump pushes for US withdrawal from TPP, UN, etc... Globalist kikes are now ready to push WW3.
    • Trump prevents Obongo's WW3 with Russia; both countries are now allies in Syria fighting against ISIS.
  • Trump signs executive order of building the wall.
  • Maine legalizes it
  • Sam Hyde shoots up a mosque in Quebec, pwning 6 terrorists.

2017 Inauguration of Donald Trump

  • During the Trump Inauguration in Washington DC, leftist fags cause havoc as they riot and protest for hours on end. Hundreds are gassed or arrested. Trump gives his speech and discusses the grim miserable situation Dumbfuckistan is in, unlike most other presidents who brown-nose and say how murka's doin' great.
    • A /pol/lack trolls a kike IRL and it goes viral [1]
      • He also makes several other lulzy videos where he 'infiltrates' communist faggots groups during the protests
    • A leftist gets triggered and becomes a meme, akin to Carl the Cuck
    • Nearly half a million feminazi cunts march on Washington in an attempt to get Donald to grab their pussies.
      • Other feminazi cunts march across the world as well.
    • Madonna threatens terrorist action against the white house, prompting the Secret Service to open an investigation.
    • Shia LaBeouf sets up a 4 year livestream project called He Will Not Divide Us meant to give resistance / unity to the residents of the area. Instead, trolls from /pol/ show up to troll leftists IRL. A constant shitstorm occurs for weeks on end!
    • Richard Spencer gets sucker punched by Sam Hyde in the DC area as well.
    • Gavin McInnes tries punching a leftist, but it causes 0 damage. Quickly runs away.
    • George H.W. Bush gets triggered over the inauguration and is hospitalized.


  • Milo Yiannopoulos holds speeches at several universities across the United States. Liberals riot in massive numbers, beating up those they disagree with to the point of near death. A Category 4 Chimpout situation. Later on in the month, he is interviewed and trolled by Bill Maher and other MSM kikes. Days later, Milo is outed as a pedophile (or at least hebephile). [2]
  • Jews chimp the fuck out over Trump not directly mentioning the 6 trillion kikes smited in the made up holohoax on the annual holohoax memorial day held in America.
  • He Will Not Divide Us is shut down after a massive trolling campaign IRL conducted by /pol/
  • Dear White People, a racist anti-white Netflix exclusive series is revealed to audiences. The reaction is historically overwhelmingly negative. Official YouTube trailers for the show rack in 95~99% negative ratings and hundreds of thousands of hostile messages. In response, Netflix keeps taking down and reuploading the video only for the internet hate machine to continue to trash it.
  • Kiwifarms comes back online, sadly.












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