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Welcome to CURRENT YEAR+5 aka The first year of the 2020's decade. The Shithole decade known as the 2010's has pretty much come to a close depending on how long it's horrible influences is gonna seep in the decade. This year only means that we're just getting started. Due to the fact humanity continues to get worse, Shit is gonna unfold in much more erratic ways giving you more reasons to become an an hero or go postal. So prepare for all the shit that is gonna make you look at the 2010s decade fondly because LGBT, Feminism, Censorship, Shadowbanning, Drug Addiction and Isolation is gonna amp up ten-fold. By the end of this decade, god forbid are you gonna grasp what the fuck is even going on.

Already humanity has completely lost their mind. Children are now being raised as slave dolls and unwanted waste products rather than being raised the way they were in the good old days. Every man is basically just another girl at this point while every woman is basically another bitch who think they can do no wrong. Stoicism has been thrown out the window a long time ago and an average human cries every hour. A lust for inanimate objects and insects are no longer obscure and are widely accepted in the general public along with wearing diapers in public.

Already the Judicial System is completely out of place even in the land of the free. Western Countries are already taking steps from China and implementing their own knockoff version of a Social Credit System in the western world (Tables have turned now motherfuckers). Already you will be denied service from even basic needs like grocery shopping and health care because you have a different opinion from the PC crowd. If only the Cunts who enforce this die off more quicker than their horrendous diet is giving them. Eventually it's gonna take a Coronal Mass Ejection to strip them from their power as already they enslaved half of the world's population with their smart devices.

People also speculate there is gonna be another financial crisis that may happen this year or the year after.

Need a recap of what happened last year? We've got you covered.

Dramatic Events from 2020


  • A slight hint of euphoria occurs and people enjoy taking a piss on the grave of the 2010s only for a day later to go back to paranoia.












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