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2020 Presidential Election DEL mans job.png This election has too many wimminz You can help by showing off your manly power.

Trump 2020 - make liberals cry again.png The 2020 Presidential Election (also known as the Wars of the Roses or IRL Game of Thrones) is an upcoming shitshow that is beginning to make a stir amongst the people of the world, just they are starting to get used to the mad lulz of The Donald's first presidential term. Beginning in the NOW (2019!!!1), this election will be a furious battle to become the ultimate boss of the Jewnited States of Americunts. Hundreds of politicians from all over America will engage in a deadly struggle to dethrone the God Emperor, only to scurry away like rats from a factory fire when someone even more insane get's elected to take his place. It will also see the morbidly obese King of all the Americas furiously attempt to seize control of congress, from which he can vacuum vast quantities of money to build a 2000 mile long wall within less than two years. Should the Great Jew fail to remove the God Emperor, the great pwnage of his reign shall continue.

The mentally inept population of America has elected popular celebrities as presidents before, but Trump's defeat of numerous seasoned politicians has more or less standardised this strategy and the key to presidential success, with both parties now seeking to nominate a grinning braindead celebrity (like Oprah Winfrey) for the best chance of actually winning. Henceforth the office of President of the United States will be occupied by someone you see on the cover of People or Daily Mail.

Regardless of the outcome, the previous presidential election caused outright mayhem. This one may well tip the balance, causing a transition from mass rioting to outright civil war. A military coup may well occur during this time. In fact, it is quite likely that the next POTUS will be General Dunford. If this occurs, it will be the lulziest event of the 21st century.

Say my name bitch

King Donald Trump.jpg Contents 1 The Yang Gang Astroturfing Campaign 2 Candidates 2.1 Republican 2.2 Democratic 2.3 Green Party 2.4 Libertarian Party 2.5 Constitution Party 2.6 Independents 2.7 Withdrawn 2.8 Disqualified 2.9 Undecided 3 2020 election memery 4 See also The Yang Gang Astroturfing Campaign

Biggest fails in shilling. For 3 years straight, Discord Tranny Communist Shills who are possibly Hillbots would come to /pol/ to shit up their threads with anti-Semitic Trump memes, these people are usually rumored to be connected to members of (((ShareBlue))) and (((Correct the Record))) by David Brock. These people's intentions initially were to split up Trump's base by writing hit pieces thinking that labeling Trump a jew will bring people towards the ideology of PC culture and maybe make these /pol/ users go back to Tumblr to scream about how evil those straight white males are. Of course the leftist troll's plan to ruin /pol/ backfired as Yang himself refused to associate with the Discord autists.

Obvious shilling is obvious To many COINTELPRO Shills, Yang is viewed as someone who will give people NEETBUX by providing the great NAZI LARPING members of the white ethnostate the 1KKK dollars a month they need. The Yang memes were so forced that the fad was over before it began.

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Shills posting traps


A second chance at this?

The Chad Patrick Little

Andrew Yang shows strong support among Dem voters due to AstroTurfing.

The Dems clearly hate actual good candidates like Bernie and shot themselves in the foot yet again by forcing yet another (((ZOG))) candidate. Unlike the 2016 election, which saw like three Democrat candidates and over 9000 Republican ones, in this election the only realistic Republican Candidate is His Grace, the Imperial Majesty on the Iron Throne, the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus "Pußygrabbin" I of the House of Trump (although edgy faggot John Kasich and a few other retards have apparently also expressed interest). The Republican party has no real competitors due to either being not famous enough, bootleg versions of Trump, or a bootleg Democrat who no Republican would consider electing. It is unknown whether low-energy Jeb or fat lardo Canadian Cruz will run again.

However, on the Democrat side, there are at least 100 eager souls who dare to challenge their lord and master. Crooked Hillary has given up, and is busy drinking chardonnay and masturbating in Hidden Hills. Ancient communist yahudi Bernie Sanders, however, has shockingly revealed he is running again, despite being almost as old as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As is expected from the Democratic Party, many of the nominees are gooks, niggers and wimminz. Andrew Yang has positioned himself as an eager competitor to serve the Chinese Master Race to make up for Bernie's support that you can say has BERNED OUT.

And let's not forget those people running from "alternative" parties, such as the wonderful Libertarian Party, Green Party and Constitution Party. Good luck candidates. We believe in you!

Republican God Emperor Trump John Kasich Bob Corker, a boring capitalist swine. Lardy Hogan, who is morbidly obese. Wayne Lambright, who is morbidly obese and supports UBI at 1700 per month and unlike Yang he is not a filthy communist who will install an Orwellian Chinese style social credit system and take away your property rights. Also $1700 > $1000. Patrick Little, an edgy meme candidate pushed by /pol/ that has zero chance to dethrone Trump. Ann Coulter, pissed off that Trump wasn't the American Hitler the old media said he was. Now wants to walk a mile in his shoes. Democratic Bernie Sanders ✡, who, if elected, will be at least 100 years old by the end of his first term. The only candidate who could possibly beat Trump. Joe Biden. the democratic party's establishment candidate of choice for 2020 unless they change their mind. Are you kidding me? Running an old Jewish boomer white guy against Trump who acts like Harvey Weinstein and possibly rapes kids, FUCK OFF MSM and FUCK OFF OBAMA CUCKS. Cory Booker, an "African American" from New Jersey. Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg, who has a ridiculous name but hey if "Barack Hussein Obama" can win why can't he. Julian Castro, who managed to cross the border before the wall was built. Texas. John Delaney. Tulsi Gabbard, a smoking hot milf from American Samoa/Hawaii. Honestly, she's the only sane candidate. Would be a good candidate to ran if she was more popular or if the DNC wasn't ran by those pesky (((JEWS))). Kirstin Gillibrand, a quite hot milf from New York. Kamala Harris, a reasonably hot curry milf from California. The DNC's other establishment candidate of choice. Hillary 2.0. and a low effort partisan hack supported by (((OBAMADRONES))) and (((THE SYSTEM))). Probably jacks off to the heads of innocent children in the middle east getting blown up by a US drone strike. Enjoys fucking and trafficking children during private meetings with (((JOE BIDEN))). Plans on starting a race war if elected. Jay Inslee Amy Klobuchar✡. Elizabeth Warren, the infamous fake timbernigger and discount Hillary Clinton. Fuck off! Michael E. Art, who was born in the UK (although being born outside America never stopped democrats of the past) Harry Braun. Beto O'Rourke, lost to Ted Cruz. Former punk rock furry and burglar. Ken NWAdike Jr, a nigger activist from California. Robby Wells, bald. Marianne Williamson, an old yet hawt milf from Texas. Andrew Yang, a fucking gook who is a horrible unfunny extreme far-left socialist (yes even more far left than Hillary or Ocasio Cortez) meme candidate being pushed by Discord Tranny Communist Shills, Shareblue, Bernie Bros, and other communist ideologies who shit up threads on /pol/ for the sole purpose of weakening Trump's base but ended up being pushed by Andrew Anglin of the (((Daily Stormer))) as an accelerationist option until it was shown that he will not accelerate anything or even win. His only purpose is to split up the votes of Bernie supporters so that Biden can become president bringing 4 more years of (((neocon))) (((boomer))) policies. Would be Trump's only real opponent besides Bernie Sanders if Yang himself wasn't an authoritarian leftist that supports Orwellian Chinese style social credit system that infringes people's rights, hates private property, or actually cared about the memes being spread about him on the internet. Overall he has some good ideas regarding the state of the rust belt and automation, but the way he comes off feels forced, unfunny, and fake much like a Chinese bootleg. Stacey Abrams, she's fat, black, delusional and has the brain the size of a walnut. She's basically the poster child for the current state of the democratic party

Green Party I am not making this shit up... (TOW)

John E. Collins III, nigger. Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry, nigger from Africa. Dario Hunter✡☪, a -->gay muslim jewish rabbi halfnigger from Iran<-- Ian Schlakman✡ Libertarian Party Adam Kokesh✡ John McAfee, a Brit born in the UK who lived in Belize and murdered people. Sam Seder✡ Vermin Supreme Arvin Vohra, a pedofile. Justin Amash☪ Constitution Party Tumbleweed.gif

Independents There are numerous people running for president who are too cool for a political party. They have no constituency and are therefore irrelevant.

Withdrawn Richard Odeja (democrat) a pot smoking army major. Zuck ✡ (democrat probably) Oprah (democrat) Disqualified OJ Simpson Barack Hussein Obama W Undecided Harambe 2020 election memery Just as the 2016 Great Meme War won a decisive victory for Donald Trump's supporters in 2016, it is likely that a second Meme War will occur from 2019 until 2021. New memes will definitively arise and be used in combat on teh internetz.

See also 2012 elections 2016 Presidential Election Democratic Party Republican Party

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