2115 (Terminator End)

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2115 or Terminator End is a potential Future arc for humanity and planet earth. With the development of AI, Drones, Robotics, and Surveillance, and the overpopulation of the human race, eventually the 0.01% is going to get tired of dealing with the masses and eliminate them. Then they will be able to sail their yacht without running into plebian scum. It is likely to occur in a handful of generations, possibly 100-150 years in the future. It will be spearheaded by the richest people on the planet - big tech, big banks, and big armies.

How it happens

Water is the most precious substance on planet earth, but it's not expensive, because it's common - until it's not[1]. Raging neckbeards, angry because their cache of Mountain Dew has been exhausted, will be forced to leave their couch and walk outside. When the power goes out - TV sets and iphones stop working - normies will riot. Unfortunately, the people in power will have planned for this. Radios will be jammed, blankets with measles will be passed out at care centers, and mass hysteria will result.

File:AI Aimbot.jpg
Don't be surprised when in 2115, the captcha appears like this.

Why it happens

People won't stop fucking each other. We already have too many people for the earth, and population reform is not profitable so it doesn't make the news. More hungry mouths to feed are required for corporations to PROFIT, therefore it won't be regulated. Even china scaled back its one child policy, when it found it didn't have enough imoutos. Human nature dictates that men want to make it inside women and woman want to make babies, so we are doomed by ourselves.

The years preceding up to 2115, people seem more concerned with the latest sports event, or the newest techy gadget to be released. No one seems to think about overpopulation, which is the cause of all the symptomatic problems such as pollution, inflation, gentrification, corruption in politics, failures of capitalism, traffic etc. On the other hand, "did you see the football game over the weekend? The interception in the 2nd quarter was great!"

Every year traffic gets worse. Every year the infrastructure strains a little bit more to support the higher numbers. Eventually the infrastructure will collapse - power out, people thrown into the streets. Then the machines will be released by the 0.01% to terminate the masses.