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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Age: 50s
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, Common Ground, Boychat, GirlLove Garden
28 is a longtime member and moderator of GirlLove Garden and GirlChat and openly gives advice about grooming little girls. He states that although his primary interest is in little girls, he is also attracted to little boys, as well.

28 is a pedophile who is a longtime staff member/moderator of GirlLove Garden, GirlChat, BoyChat and Common Ground. He spends much of his time on the Common Ground site where he is actively involved in seeking ways to promote pedophile activism.

28 is known for giving tips to other girl lovers, and takes an optimistic view that someday children will have "rights" to their own sexuality. He has stated that he thought he was exclusively a girl lover, but discovered some boy love sites, which piqued his interest in little boys as well. Emotionally however, he feels he fits in better with girls, who he says melts his heart in ways boys don't. He has joked that he would like one of each.

As a member of the Common Ground site, 28 likes to brainstorm with others on "child love" (CL) activism, and believes that the way to make things change is to target common people rather than politicians. He also feels that they would do better to use the media, by speaking out, writing letters to newspapers, sending e-mails to news sites, and broadcasting through radio, television or print. 28 believes that age of consent laws should be eliminated altogether.

In addition to 28's pedophile activism, he has stated that he believes that the girl love and boy love community should establish a charity, not only for good public relations, but to actually do some good for children in need.


28 explains here exactly who he is and what he likes:

Please Hold the Cleavage!

Posted by 28 on Tuesday, December 7 2004 at 08:04:02pm In reply to Seconded. And now... posted by Rakhma on Tuesday, December 7 2004 at 07:14:24am

I'm a pedo you know! Scimitar or no, I prefer nice flat nippies. No cutting or slashing if you please.

Oh yeah. I put your siggie up. Threats sometimes DO work - LOL. As we both know, LITTLE things mean a lot.

Here, 28 is giving advice to another pedophile about how to groom little girls:


Posted by 28 on September 9 2001 14:56:54 In reply to Depends... posted by Abraxas on September 8 2001 23:17:10

Hi Abraxas,

Girls are not really harder to know. They just may take a little more time in getting use to you before they feel comfortable enough to do more than to look away shyly and blush. They also, almost instinctively I think, know when you are uncomfortable with them. Some ways to break the ice are:

1) Ask what their favorite subject is in school. Or, conversely, which subject they find the hardest.

2) Talk about "Boy Bands". They all LOVE them.

3)Tell them about a pet you may have. Ask if they have any pets...

4)Talk about how yucky certain foods are. Most girls will wrinkle up their noses when you mention sardines, or my personal favorite anti-child food; liver and lima beans. Then ask what she likes to eat.

5) Make jokes and do a little light hearted teasing. Have a good laugh with her. If you can get a little girl to laugh, she will be your friend.

In short, you have to let them know that you like them. If you give her some age appropriate attention, she will pester you to death! And you'll love it!

Our Investigation

Although the investigation into this individual is ongoing, we first noticed 28 was a regular poster on several pedophile forums, and that he seemed to be very involved in the pedophile movement taking place today.

  • Our investigation began with the Common Ground website, where we made notes of his view on activism. In one of his posts, he made the comment quoted above regarding admitting being a pedophile, primarily attracted to little girls.
  • Searching through the GirlChat forums, we discovered that he had posted regarding his age, stating that he was in his 50's, and noting that when he was younger he would have gladly taken a cure for his pedophilia, however, he has come to believe that "pedophilia is God's way of making sure that someone looks after his youngest and most vulnerable creations."

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • 28
  • patience28

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Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes

In my opinion, age of consent laws are both unnatural and unworkable. I say they are unnatural because nature has already rendered young people able to engage in sexual activities. Since they have both the desire and the ability to perform various aspects(depending upon their age and level of development)of the sex act, laws rendering them illegal are, in and of themselves, unnatural.

You know, until about 3 or 4 years ago, I thought I was exclusively GL. Then I found some Boy Love sites and my interest in boys went way up. I began to notice that they were, in their own way, cool too. It soon followed that I began to find boys sexually interesting. Anatomically, at least on the outside, the physical difference is only about the size of your fist. Emotionally, I seem to fit in with girls a little better, even though my interests often mirror those of red blooded little boys. Girls just melt my heart in a way that most boys don't.

So for me, it's "Boys for sure but girls much more." Actually, I'd kinda like one of each (grin).

When I was younger(I am in my 50's now), I would have taken the cure. Like many others here I had often prayed to God to take away my sexual feeling for LGs and replace them with "normal" ones so that I might marry and raise a faimly. As I got older I began to realize that pedophilia wasn't a curse from God. It was rather a very special mission in which only a select few were chosen. In my eyes pedophilia ( and I don't shy away from the word) is God's way of making sure that SOMEONE looks after his youngest and most vulnerable creations. By whatever name you call the governor of the universe, He/She/It has bestowed upon you the need to be close to and care for, the children of the world - at least your little slice of it. Too bad the ignorant majority wasn't let in on the game plan huh?

Additional Information

Is into "Childlove activism" (which is basically an attempt to mainstream and make legal pedophilia and sex with children), and gives these tips to other pedophiles:

Brainstorming for CL Activism

Frankly, I didn't want to read too many of the other replies as ALL the things I might think of may of already been said. But, on the off chance that there is a thought or two that hasn't come up yet, I'll try to come up with something. BTW - brainstorming is a GREAT idea.

1. Get wealthy peds active and involved. Money is power.

2. Find out who has what talents and skills and put them to good use.

3. Get a politician to agree.

4.Get older teenagers on our side. They will be adults (legally) soon and will then be fully enfranshised. Talk to the up coming generation.

5. Find stories of pedophiles (boy lovers and/or girl lovers) who have never molested but have worked with kids all their adult life.

6.Recruit journalists/ writers/and media people to change the information flow. We need to put our own spin on things just as our opponants do.

7.We seem to have a lot of internet savvy people. Find additional ways to make the internet work for us. And, do it strategically.

8.Downplay (but never deny) the sexual part of us and re-enforce the emotional attachments. Accentuate the positive.

9.working with (or just being with legitimately) is a must for childlovers.

10. Knowing a Child lover (Boy Lover or Girl Lover) is often the best thing in a child's life.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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