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A photo taken shortly after Rookinella was sent to the Gulag for an attempted coup against OT!

28gayslater (previously known as 28dayslater) is an Urban Exploration forum dedicated to breaking into empty property, stealing shit to sell on eBay, sucking dicks for location information, over-processed HDR images and elitist modfags vs junior members. Since it was created last Thursday this cancerous growth has become a congregation of worthless brown nosing attention whores and communists. The forum was quickly renamed 28gayslater on account of every member being a homosexual college art student.

It's the smell of dead hospitals, you never forget it. For me, it's like sex. I'm utterly addicted to it. If I get a scent of dead hospital, that's it, I'm game.


—Rookinella. The Independent 2008.


An early promotional poster.

Before 28gays reared its ugly head there was Darkplaces. However the modfag Root became so fat that he got permanently lodged in the entrance of Monk's park tunnels, thus the forum became a hive for emo sewer monkeys and closed its doors to general Urbex fucktards. As a reuslt 28gays was shat out onto the internet. The site was an instant hit, because although users must have accounts to post, anyone can read about venerable and forgotten places. As a result four derelict hospitals and part of Wales was burnt to the ground within 24 hours of the site going live.

The Elitist Modfags

28gays dictator admin are the emperors of their very own communist state. They actually outnumber regular forum members three to one. Showing no sign of rational thought or reasoning their roles include editing submissions, refuelling dramas, downgrading and banning users with no warning or explanation as to why, ridiculing noobs, moving private/sensitive threads to public view, infiltrating private messages and bombarding you with faggotry if you disagree with them. The morals of this forum were "dubious" at best, even before it first appeared. It has recently become apparent to all but the most retarded fucknuggets that the admin are dealing with huge civil unrest and run the site purely for self gain.

Oxygen Thief

Rookinella, Siologen and friends get ready for some furry fun.

Oxygen Thief (IRL name Christopher Warren) from deepest Wiltshire has fallen under the tragic belief that he is someone or importance or great worth, because he is responsible for a forum nobody outside special branch has ever heard of. He is head 28gayfaggartage and spends every second of his life on the forums making sure he gets the maximum attention he deserves.

Out of all the admin fucktards this spineless twonk is probably the most two faced, he gets his minions to do his bidding. These elitists in the making are willing to do anything for him in order to gain bum sex. His most recent stunt resulted in one of his minions surrendering to Pyestock security thus allowing OT to escape unscathed.

Despite Oxygen Thief's aversion to Facebook, the fucknugget has taking to posting racist, sexist & generally offensive posts on said site [1]. One particularly memorable quote comes from the scene of a car crash-

Nice view on the A303, thanks for crashing you twats...


His personal fiefdom (28dayslater) now resembles little more than a ghost town due to everyone either being banned, shot, buried in a mineshaft or thrown in Vilvoorde Prison. In scenes more reminiscent of communist China than Stoke on Trent, people frequently disappear, only to reappear once they've been re-brainwashed into the cult. Free speech is actively discouraged, and punishable by death or a lifetime ban. Should you question Chairman Mao he will call in personal favours to see that you "get a beating" from his lackeys.


Rookinella (aka Lucy Sparrow) is a 14 year old whiny attention seeking media-whore of epic proportions. Known by many as 'STD queen' in May 2008 she was declared a biological health hazard. Rook's is only interested in being acquainted with the finest l33t; mediocre explorers are not worth her time. She became an outstanding member of the urbex community in 2006 when 28gay fucktards exploring The Dormy Hotel (Bournemouth) discovered her making love to a felt manikin.
Her contribution to the community includes getting sites locked down, stealing anything that takes her fancy, shagging her way around the forums, moving restricted and sensitive posts to public view, and having her minions break into buildings for her and lay out the red carpet; the cum stains have turned it white in recent years however.

Rookinella has more lure control than the Hypnotoad and has single-handedly done more damage to the community than Hitler did to the Jews. Her band of l33t followers are constantly changing as she flames the ones who have spent their worth to her. They are then left to join the site where all 28gay rejects end up, Urbexforums.

He told the Bristol Evening Post that security would now be stepped up to prevent copycat stunts from taking place.


— Rookinella still denys her media-whore antics have ever caused a site to get locked down.


A jack of all trades, Speed is a regular on 28gayslater and Facebook. He is rumoured to use the website to find artefacts and scrap metal, which he then sells on at an inflated price. A secondary goal is hooking up with the mods, as seen in this disturbing picture.

Speed prepares to shove his finger up OT's ass!

The ugly rest

  • Ojay (A fat bastard from Manchester who's rarely seen without a can of Kronenbourg in his hand, he has now been put in charge of the day to day running of the site due to the continued piss soaked rantings of Oxygen Thief)
  • Dweeb (otherwise known as Bilbo Baggins)
  • ZerO81
  • Nightcaller
  • Acid reflux (fat spastic with a personality disorder)
  • Spungletrumpet
  • Turkey
  • Squirrell 911
  • Ric
  • TheQueen (Due to continued civil unrest the AI from Resident Evil was put in charge of forum moderation, questioning the modfags when she's active will result in death by laser-beams)
  • Loserscott
  • Discokitten - Superseded by Rookinella as Queen Whore


Typical Urban Explorer.
we own/run the forum so we can look cos we own it.


— Some outstanding grammar from the modfags

There are actually no set of specific rules. Rules are created on the fly by Kim Jong-il to suit the situation. Whenever a user stumbles upon an exploit of this bug-ridden site, the admin fuckwits simply remove it feature. Because of this every member now has junior status so individual posts can be checked with a fine-tooth comb.

Ways to get banned

There are various methods available that you may wish to use in order to get banned from 28gays. These include:

Paul Powers prepares to do a sermon on talking to the media
Members of the forum decide to set off the fire extinguishers in an abandoned building to create some special effects for their photos
  • Registering an account (561,897 alleged spammers have been banned so far, this has resulted in membership in the low 100s)
  • Stealing anything or commiting a criminal act; rather like parents their saying is "Just because we do it, doesn't mean you should!"
  • Not having attained a post count of over 9000 within a day
  • Saying anything negative about the forum in PM's
  • Putting up a report on a new urbex location the modfags didn't know about
  • Behaving like Rookinella but not being a wide open 14 year old female whore
  • Exploring any urbex location without written permission from the modfags
  • Having a lens greater than 12mm
  • Using bogus names for locations (unless your name is Bartje)
  • Asking for access to secret areas because they totally don't exist anymore!!
  • Questioning anything on the site
  • Not hosting your photos on photobucket
  • Being Bradley. L Garrett or generally selling out to the media; unless you're Paul Powers in which case you're somehow holy, an thus exempt from such hypocrisy.
  • Calling "Urban Exploration"- Urbex, Place Hacking, Breaking & Entering, My Art Project or any other word that the modfags take a dislike to.


A derelict building shortly after a visit from urban explorers.
We stumbled into the main hall and found it on fire. It was shame as that’s where we’d planned on having our birthday celebrations, but it did make for interesting photos.


— Quoted by Rooknella trying to cover up arson charges.

  • In July 2009 Rookinella and a group of minions were caught trying to steal the Iron lung from Stracathro hospital. Rook's wanted the machine to add to her collection of medical sex toys. They were promptly escorted by Scottish pigs in blue pants to the rape dungeon. After a long dispute Rook's dropped her pink panties and the charges were dropped almost as quickly.
  • In April 2009 a group of 28gay modfags started a fire in the main hall of Hellingly hospital in order to create a more 'spooky' atmosphere to take photos of themselves dancing naked in the smoke. Hellingly hospital was abandoned at least 100 years ago and was burnt to the ground last Thursday.
  • In a resent banning spree 28gays elite realised they had banned everyone from the site and as a result no new reports were being posted. In a gut-bustingly hilarious spark of fail the modfags set up RSS feeds to leech reports from other urbex forums. Much shit hit the fan when rival Urbex fucktards found out.
  • At the end of 2009 RU was removed and TOTALLY DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE even though crap reports are still commonly shat out into public areas from this alleged mythical dwelling.
  • In 2008 the admins proved what utter emotionally insecure fucktards they really are by declaring an all out war on each other. The squabble started after a 28gay pissup went sour and the hotel manager insisted they clean their own cum stains from a bed duvet. No one would accept responsibility and all hell broke loose. Oxygen Thief closed down the forum never to return and everyone including modfags were kicked off. Rookinella tried to brown nose her way into Derelictplaces but Krela didn't buy it. Within a week 28gays was back online proving once again that Oxygen Thief totally sticks to his word. Meanwhile, Derelictplaces has gone from strength to strength by welcoming the rest of the former membership of 28dl who wandered out into the wilderness after OT's rectal prolapse; the forum is now 1337 and moderated by Seahorse.
  • Late last year a plot was conceived on the forums to murder Yvette Fielding at RAF West Raynham during shooting of Most Haunted. The plot was foiled within 30 seconds by the tabloids due to it being discussed on an open forum.
No, the pigs won't be worried about you. Not in the least
  • A recent thread on Derelict Places demonstrates just how fucking retarded these people are. We live in an age where the security services are more paranoid than Stalin, yet these fucknuggets get all butthurt when they get cavity searched after breaking into a laboratory dressed like Abu Hamza. You couldn't make it up.
  • An anonymous junior member called UAT decided to take on a personal vendetta against the mods, the ensuing fuckfest resulted in half the mods leaving and the remaining members either being reduced to junior members or escaping to similar sites. [2]
An example of Oxygen Thief's pissed soaked rantings shortly before he was taken to Severalls Asylum

Urbex Trolling

Every urbex forum has its own brand of self important faggotry and careful application to a set of simple rules will provide enough drama and lulz to satisfy the most hardened troll. In a nutshell;

  • 28dayslater - The average 28dl member has an IQ in double figures so the most effective way to troll this site is to be as obnoxious and insulting as possible before the banhammer is dropped. This still has to be done in a targeted fashion; simply acting like a twat is like pissing into a sea of piss. Make sure you aim it at Oxygen Thief, and even better shoop some gay pr0n with his face on it. You will of course be banned pretty much instantly so make the most of the phlegm soaked rantings of the inpatients of this forum and join again as soon as possible to prolong the fun.
Go get the gimp
  • Derelict Places - Pretend to be a film maker looking for derelict locations to shoot a band video and then get shirty when they refuse to help. This really gets on their tits for some reason. Alternatively, post a load of blurred photos of underneath your bed then act all butthurt when they get panned.
  • UER - The /b/ of urbex; it is virtually impossible not become involved in some sort of drama on this forum. Simply joining is viewed as an act of war by some members. If for some reason you are finding it hard to pick a fight there, start a thread about urbex ethics or act all superior and make out like you are the final boss of urbex. A pagga will ensue.

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