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2-J in his fort

2-J is the power-hungry admin of a popular Gorillaz fansite, Gorillaz-unofficial. There he rains fire down on his serfs and makes macabre demands in a dancing, cackling voice which is always at the edge of your teeth. He is also a sick fuck, pedo 12chan regular, and a weeaboo with some hardcore yellow fever.

2-J the fascist

The first offence(7/22/06)

The Story

The events that happened on this day will never be forgotten. Tusm and JOHN, users at Gorillaz-unofficial, were life-banned and the users Stripe and Strongbad were put on "probation" for "attacking" the gorillaz-unofficial chat. These attacks were merely the said users cloning other people and creating new rooms. Why would anybody get all huffy about having cracked admin privileges like that? After said "attacks" the chat was taken down. Soon after, the user Craze_Dragon was banned for a month for hosting an alternative chat, called Gorillaz-Unofficial-Democracy(Now known as the ZX Chat) for use of the gorillaz-unofficial chatters while the chat located at Gorillaz-Unofficial was down.


Two YTMND's were created by user Craze_Dragon: FortPedo and 2-J Is Gay Day. This name is misleading, as every day is 2-J Is Gay Day.

The E-Mails that were sent to and from 2-J(Craze)(7/13/2006)

[-+]The Emails, in order

To: [email protected]

Subject: Regarding my banning at Gorillaz-Unofficial (Craze_Dragon)

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 22:59:23 -0700 (PDT)

The period of one moth has passed and I would like my account un-banned, thank you for yout time. --Craze_Dragon

> > >***** ********** <[email protected]> >wrote:

Dear Craze_Dragon, unfortunately, due to your actions during the one month period, you have been banned from Gorillaz-Unofficial.com for life.

Firstly, you left a comment on one of bassman's ytmnds urging him to vote for the ytmnd 'fortpedo.ytmnd.com', which is designed to insult me.

Secondly, for your comments in the G-U Democracy chat about me. This includes, but was not limited to, the following extract:-

"22:32:48 [Tusm] James is half retarded. 22:33:03 [Craze] Only half? I disagree."

I lay out the money for this site and spend my time on it, and you expect me to let you back in after such behaviour? The question was rhetorical, there is no right of appeal.


> > >From: *** *** <[email protected]>

>To: ***** ********** <[email protected]>

>Subject: RE: Regarding my banning at Gorillaz-Unofficial (Craze_Dragon)

>Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 21:10:27 -0700 (PDT)

Dear 2-J,

I will not deny doing any of the said actions in the last email but I fail to see what any of that has to do with me being banned at a site that has nothing to do with any of it. Once again thank you for your time.

> > >***** ********** <[email protected] wrote:

The site doesn't have anything to do with the actions, no.

I'm just banning you because I can. As the owner of a private website I'm free to allow / deny access to who I see fit, regardless of any notion of 'fairness' or 'justice'. Interesting concept, no?

You've gone out of your way to try and insult me in a vile manner, now I've denied you access to a website under my control (fine, you can still visit under another IP, but you'll never get into, e.g. the VIP section, or be able to post as 'Craze Dragon' on either the forum or the main page, without those posts being deleted). Why should I allow someone access to my site, who has gone out of their way to insult me? If you were providing a service, at your own expense and at the cost of your own time, would you not seek to stop someone taking advantage of that service, if that person had tried to insult you? Well, regardless of whether you personally would or not, I would, and I think that many people would agree with my decision.


The E-Mail that was sent to 2-J from Stripe(7/26/06)

Dear Bestest Friend, 2-J:

YOU LITTLE FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! YOU BASTARD, WHY DID YOU BAN CRAZE? HE DID NOTHING WRONG! Wait, wait. You banned him just because he didn't fit in to your website, or is it that you banned him because you could? Because I see something wrong with banning someone because you fucking felt like it. Do you know how fucked up that is? Tusm was right, YOU ARE half retarded. Does it make you feel more like a man that you can make fun of fourteen year olds because they're a mod in a chat that you disapprove of? You fucking pedophile. You fucking homo. I can't beleve that you had the balls to tell your lame ass "community" that we "hacked" your chat. You made it sound like we're terrorists, but we're not. What goes around, comes around, 2-J. When the day that your shitty site falls apart finally comes, you better remember that we told you so.

By the way, banning someone because they insulted you is very immature. YOUR FUCKING 23, 2-J. GROW UP AND ACT LIKE IT. Another thing, why the fuck did you call your "The New Chat-O" when it didn't even in the slightest way possible, resemble the original Chat-O? Also, let me remind you that your site was created to get a way from the n00bs, not to fucking welcome them in. Let me quote you on something, "the Gorillaz-Unofficial chat suffered a number of attacks" THERE WAS NO FUCKING ATTACKS ASSHAT. We were messing around, damn. Although, an asshole like you probably wouldn't know the meaning of "fun".


Your friend, Stripe

The E-Mail that was sent to 2-J from CSniper(7/28/06)

Hey, you're a cool guy and everything. Thanks for 3 years, you rocked. I am now going to break all contact with you to fuck your head up (:

It seems to me that: Either you are responsible for the posts of your users -or- The users own the content of their own posts.

Therefore, I want all of my posts and threads deleted. This is to break any connection that I have with your website and esteemed self. I know that friends are disposable objects to you (see: Rosalinda, Strongbad), so this should be no real problem at all. Furthermore, I would like to be free from your totalitarian policy on visiting other chatrooms and "collaberating" with ex-chat members. While you do, indeed, own the gorillaz-unofficial website and the laws of freedom of speech do not apply, I do have the right to tell you to kiss my ass over hotmail.

Also, do not try to keep all this quiet. I want to see what happens when people hear that you ban veteran members of the board for seemingly random things. I'm sure it will be great fun. Post my banning in the appropriate topic in Announcements, or I will do it for you on the OMB.

Have a nice day,

****** ****

"CSniper" AKA Anessen

Renegade Mods!1111!!!!11(7/31/06)

Chia, after posting a rant, then went on to locking every topic CSniper made to try and talk to 2-J. The latest is an unknown admin/mod (COUGHhomusabiCOUGH) is now deleting all topics (AHGHURMmadwithpowerGHEH) related to the situation on sight (AKGHWEHEHEslowlykillingusHGGUHMH).


Dahaka is 2-J's bitch. Although 6 months ago he was all like "OMFG FUKK U U GU FAGGS" now he is loyal to 2-J. Yet, he still trolled 2-J's chat. It is amazing, this Dahaka is such a retarded sick fuck. At the moment, he gets his kicks by destroying this entry, and trying to h4xx0rz the ZX chat, which he can't seem to do. Please don't do that, Dahaka. It also seems that he has gotten this page blocked from edits because of his cuntery. The bastard. Dahaka has proven that he is mentally ill by watching this page to see if it ever will be unprotected.

2mur&Dirty Bird

Two half retarded members of the official message board that started the "fu<k the GU" thread. Both of them were subject to chat kicks upon nearly every entrance into the chat, as well as suffering from flames and sick jokes from some of the most communist members of the GU, such as Turkatron and MSKo09.

Current Situation

Everyone is still bnanned from the G-U at the present, and 2-J has STILL not removed CSniper's information. In fact, his server crashed and Strongbad was lucky enough to get in when his info was up. Shortly after doing so, Strongbad was re-bnanned for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. AGAIN. What the fuck is this shit? Our only consolation is that our friends on the forum are dead because it happened so fucking long ago.

2-J and his banning powers

Oh Noes1!1!!11.

2-J has the power to ban people on both Gorillaz-Unofficial and on the Gorillaz Official Message Board (OMB), he does not take these powers lightly and will mercilessly ban innocent victims who may have stepped slightly out of line. During an interview in 2007, 2-J was asked to name people who inspire him, he replied, "I draw inspiration from many people, but I think the most notable ones are Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong-il, Attila the Hun, Vlad the Impaler and Nero while The Spanish Inquisition is perhaps the most inspirational historical event for me..."

Things 2-J can ban you from

  • Gorillaz-Unofficial
  • OMB
  • IRL
  • Your own home
  • several VHF/UHF frequencies

Users Banned At The Moment