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Internet jail is where internet criminals go after being found internet guilty in
internet court. This is the foundation of the internet prison-industrial
complex, and most prisoners spend years forging spam headers which are
later used against their IRL family and friends.

There is no one to raep them in the ass in an internet jail though.


Theme Song

internet jail, internet jail
singin' a song about internet jail.
stuck at work with a noway out,
got netops in arms pacin' about.

internet jail, internet jail,
tried to build me a tunnel
but I can't let them know its EYE PEEE

internet jail, internet jail
never thought i'd really be in internet jail
you wouldn't believe it but i tell you it's troooooooo,
they make you forge spam headers for your mamma too.

(by crayolacrime)

There is over 9000 people in IJ, America has the largest number of Amerifags in jail, thanks to our great justice system