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"And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication"


Bible - Revelation 17:4

2 Girls 1 Cup is the unofficial nickname of video popularized by n00bs who had never seen a scat video before. Karla is a girl on the cusp of womanhood, but sometimes acts without thinking. Latifa is the quiet one, but plans to win with careful planning and knowledge of Karla's one weakness. On the way they will have to deal with opposition from their parents, as well as a sudden illness that threatens both of their chances at success. Who will end up with with the SCA Trophy? Can their friendship survive the competition?

A loli couple enjoys its cup


If you're too much of a wuss to watch the film below, what you're missing is a beautiful love story of two lesbians engaging in an erotic act, yet expressing each other's love with each other. The video starts off as your average softcore porn and most likely, you will start masturbating to it, but you're still unaware of the proceeding horrors.

As the sentimental piano music plays, Latifa's ass suddenly shoots shit, and all of your horrors come alive. As the toffee poop descends into a cup, the two start quickly licking the delicious fecal matter. Seemingly enjoying it, Karla starts swapping some of the crap around in her mouth, and eventually swallows it. Yet, the horror does not end here. Latifa joins in and, seeing how much her friend likes it, decides to borrow some of the excrement from her mouth, which results in something that could be called shitkissing. Eventually, Karla gets sick, but decides to share some of her feelings with Latifa, and everything goes even more downhill - both of the girls are now vomiting on each other, swallowing it, then puking it out AGAIN, and, as the video slowly fades into black, all of your life has suddenly lost meaning, and every time you take a shit, you will remember the horrifying images for the rest of your life.

Tl;dr, shit and vomit.

The Film

and that is how it all began

Short clip from the film


A Brief Review

In the masterful modern work 2 girls 1 cup the feminine genre is reexamined through a series of reversals of expectations. The prevalent ideologies of our culture are filtered through the lens of the pornographic genre- and in true modern from- the work tends to raise more questions than answers. The opening image that of the stenciled "MFX 1209" suggests a confusing misunderstanding- the 1209 seems as some sort of date, yet the aesthetic of the number lends itself to a futuristic association. This blurring of past and future, mixed with the confusion of the assumed-to-be acronym primes the audience for the confusion to come. The first image with the two primary characters seemingly innocuous- the cross-cultural, lesbian interaction defines the equal-rights (both feminine and racial) within the genre of pornography. The gentle background music lulls the audience to sleep and the timely, but gradual change into the next shot goes by largely unnoticed by the audience. The eyes are immediately drawn to the cup the inversion of the phallus and perhaps one of the most overarching symbols for feminine spirituality and sexuality in antiquity. The gentle piano concerto will continue as the cup is suddenly and ironically filled with a steaming hot shot of fecal matter from the anus of our primary character. In this way, the masculinist derogatory nature of the pornographic genre returns in a surprising, explosive manner . The fecal matter "penetrates" the sacred chalice which raises a number of interesting questions. Many of these pertain to lesbian sexuality- is womanly love possible without masculine grotesque? Is the pornographic genre doomed to exist within the realm of humiliating acts, even when the only participants are an innocuous 2 girls and 1 cup? The later image of the two characters attempting to through the feces of the masculine grotesque (as well as the literal feces) will only support this theme in its metaphorical nature. The excited but hesitant tonguing suggests a sort of apprehension on the part of the lead characters but by :25 any hope for redemption has been lost. This transition from playful tonguing to full fecal consumption happens as suddenly as the transition to the original defecatory act- why do these central thematic moments happen offstage? There is no dramatic dialogue, neither character gives voice to the greater internal struggles that surely precede the decision to consume another feces. This central thematic crux is internalized in both the characters, and thus is obscured from the audience's perception, as well. The notion of blurring will evolve into a diluting and contamination of sorts by :40 where the vomit of disgust begins to obscure even the original thematic feces of the work. It is worth noting that the secondary character does not vomit into the cup (while our original character does), yet vomits directly onto the other woman. This further develops the motif of the masculine invading of lesbian relationships- does the woman have a monopoly on the feminine cup, while the other woman becomes masculine and begins to fill the role of oppressor as she symbolically vomits down onto the kneeling lover? Even this notion isn't safe from postmodern genre-confusion, as the roles are reversed and the other's mouth is vomited into in return. It is hard to read this work in any constructive manner, as evidenced by the final image of the piece. The characters present themselves to the audience, effectively breaking the fourth wall. The difficulties of untangling the thematic mess of the genre to find sentence are reflected in the physical mess on the characters' faces. Hopefully, with further examination and daring works such as 2 girls 1 cup we will be able to break free of many of these domineering and ultimately oppressing ideological structures which are maintained by societal forces, genre restrictions, and our own perceptions of reality.


The film has been criticized for its portrayal of the relationship between the two girls. While the topic is essentially lighthearted, the director's decision to show the relationship as something more than the platonic has caused the film to be recently withdrawn from many channels. In response to this, the director has released the short online, saying "That the mainstream is not ready for a film showing the innocent love between two girls is not only an indictment of the media, but of society as a whole."

Many have fallen in love with this amazing portrayal of young girls.

Honestly... How CAN you?

More on These Girls

If you fapped to this video and are dying to know who these hot sluts are, you can visit Karla or Latifa!


As the video became more and more popular, some YouTubers decided to post some unfunny videos of their reactions to it (as if it were that much of a thing, anyways.)

A Song in Dedication to "2 Girls 1 Cup"


And these guys parody it.


The official soundtrack

-Set as cellphone ringtone

Sounds like a truly tasteful choice to any ignoramus fool out there and is as well a great fellow sick fuck detector:


Last Thursday, a heart-warming sequel was released wherein 4 innocent girls explore their creative side(Requires payment).

There are over 9000 sequels, all of which containing lobotomized fucktards eating shit. Unfortunately it has not yet been legalised to murder these 'pornstars'

Trolling Resource

1) Stick this in a .bat file

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What does this do???? --> It's a batch file that changes the Windows hosts file and redirects google and 4chan to the old ip address of the website. You need to create a mirror with the video on the homepage and change the ip address in the .bat in order for this to work again (no, the ip address of 2girls1cup.ws won't work / multiple websites can share the same ip address).


1. Find the ip address of site with shock images on the home page

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One Monkey One Window

What the fuck is Youtube allowing on their site? Sick fuck monkeys that rape other animals, piss in their own mouths, throw shit at people, now this:

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