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"Guys, it only looks bad because of the awkward angle and the lighting!"
"Forehead fanart"
"Gurl, that ain't cute"
Artists rendition of what Forehead Bitch may have looked like had her mother not tried to abort her during the early stages of pregnancy
"32" Waist-chan knows she is *Unsatiable*"
Aspiring manga artist, they always are aren't they?
Did we neglect to mention she lists herself as a makeup artist?
"You are all sad pathetic losers who only WISHED you looked as good as me"

32" Waist-chan, also known as Fivehead or Forehead Bitch (real name Vitiola 'Vi' Xega), is a new up-and-coming lolcow as courtesy via 4chan imageboards: /cgl/.

Introduction to 32" Waist-chan

32" Waist-chan hails from Worcester, Massachusetts. She is a shapely, sexy, and cute young girl and she wants you all to know about it; as evidenced by her multiple samefagging attempts across various boards.

Despite claiming to not even having entered her 20's yet (lies, she is 23), she further claims to have already attained a certified degree in clinical Psychology, Complex Partial Epilepsy, Makeup Artistry, Computing Science and the magic that is overclocking! This was all proven by her when she submitted copy & pasted excerpts from Wikipedia as great displays of her intellect. Why this girl is not a member of MENSA yet I will never understand.

She wants all of you losers to know about how she is fluent in over 9000 languages, some of which includes English, Japanese, German, Albanian, Spanish and French. So far she has ignored all users attempts to converse with her in her apparent native tongue, being only able to successfully demonstrate a basic grasp of one language; poor English.

Originally recognized to have been creeping around the various Pixyteri threads that infect 4chan's cosplay & lolita board, /cgl, she first gained notable interest when attempting to join in on the (literal) witch hunt, declaring herself to be 100% hotter then Pixyteri, and with a sexy, slimline 32" waist to boot. It was when she proceeding to post this image of her hot and sexy self that /cgl/ roared in collective LOL.

"PT has a 32 inch waist? Now THIS is a 32 inch waist!"

32" Waist-chan, now affectionately dubbed by her fans, would then spend the next 3 hours defending herself left, right and centre against the horde. Refusing to accept any form of legitimate advice warning her to quit while ahead or face repercussion, she began to backpedal furiously (possibly in an attempt to some inches off of that sexy waist), striking out at Anon for being the cruel villain and announcing that she was right, we were all wrong, we were all madjelly of her toned curves and that we should seek psychiatric assessment for our various mental problems. Of course we could always just ask 32" Waist-Chan for our diagnosis because she has a clinical dregree in EVERYTHING. I have it from a reliable source that this all occurred before she ran away into the next room and cried in the corner for the next half-hour.

Further Exploits..

Shitstorm number 2 exploded in a not so distant future, when 32" Waist-chan decided it'd be a really great idea to post her image in yet ANOTHER Pixyteri thread despite the glorious ass spanking she received the last time she tried that shit. THE BITCH JUST DOES NOT LEARN. It only took /cgl/'s resident troll Hermit to describe the intense sexual pleasure she'd derive from bashing the then yet unrecognised 32" Waist-chan's ugly face in with a shovel upon viewing the image before Forehead Bitch began to flip.the.fuck.out. Forehead Bitch then thought it'd be an even greater idea to try and rally /cgl/ and their combined hatred against Hermit, who despite being an even bigger cunt, still provides many lulz and is arguably a hell of a lot more attractive than Forehead Bitch.

no, fuck you Hermit you dried up old hag. Your face and life in general is the only unfortunate mess here. I'm quite pleased with how I look. I couldn't give less of a fuck what your opinion of me is anyhow.


32" Waist-chan, right before she gave a fuck and deleted everything

Yeah well I get called pretty all the time too. I have a young-looking face, and nice big eyes. Deal with it.


32" Waist-chan, on LYING

Today my co-worker and I made a poster out of Forehead Bitch's picture. We put it up in the bar asking people if they would fuck her. The rule is, that if they say yes, they're cut off.


Judgemental Guy

uhheyanons dasfdershablahisay.. thats no.. thats a definnalya nonwarning sign that u guys have nuthin better to do isanit

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Known Aliases and Accounts

  • Esmelove
  • Vitidoux
  • tokugawa
  • yoseinoyume
  • SorceressLUNA
  • geraniumforest
  • Fuck you all, I'm the only徳川 !SmLia6HiHA

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