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3chan (not to be confused with the older, deader site also known as 3chan) is a shithole image board that is centered around Freedom so long as you don't disagree with m33t, Liberty so long as you don't disagree with m33t, and having a shitload of vulns. It has a .io domain which is a clear indication that the website is run by Nu-males. 3chan resides at 3chan.io, unless SeaFour is residing there for the day, and it has three boards and was officially announced on October 23, 2018.

List of boards

  • /a/ Anime: An imageboard where anime is discussed. Two losers enjoy to larp/erp on various threads there. Deemed a "wildlife preserve" for the larpers by some users.
  • /b/ Random: Miscellaneous discussion happens here. Sometimes people like to analyze the two fags larping in /a/ in a thread.
  • /pol/ Politically Incorrect: Subjects that are getting increasingly more taboo to talk about in liberal America are discussed here, and by "increasingly more taboo" what I actually mean is "increasingly more popular". Shills are banned unlike in other compromised chans' pol boards. See: Alt-right

People of Interest

  • m33t and m33too: The unofficial names for the owners of the site. They're not too creative so they just put 3's in m00t.
  • Landon: A hacker, probably a colloquial for the CIA or another alphabet agency, who always seems to put a wrench in m33t's plans. His move set consists of XSS attacks and making everything on the site red.

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