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4chon.org was initially created as 4chon.info on May 27, 2009. The Info>Org extension change was made a couple months later on July 28. The following year, 4chon.net decided to rip off the name.

This 4chan parody (for banned users especially) boasts a large user base with several dozen boards for you to browse through.

The lesser of two evils, it knowingly and willingly lacks any sensible website design, preferring putting frames all over your fucking screen to make the actual board only 800x600. But I am sure there is good reasoning behind such wonderful and creative web design. Disregard this previous statement, NekoArc finally got his her degree in Computer Science and finally knows how to make a competent front page.

There had been tales of a *chon by the name of '4chon.org' but no one had ever ventured there. Until 4chon.net came about and Savetheinternet decided to blatantly spam in order to steal from 4chon.org's large userbase. This is cited as 4chon.org's first ever visit (excluding their mods). In a further attempt to steal 4chon.org's users, he created a board emulating the 4chon.org posting experience: http://4chon.net/nekoarc/ It has been thus far unsuccessful.

Popular boards

.orgs most popular boards just happen to be it’s /jb/ (Jailbait) and /loli/ (Lolicon) boards. Obviously this board has some wonderful morals that all of us should be following.


To enhance the browsing experience, each and every time you want to reply to a thread or view an image, you get the luxury of waiting 10 seconds to look at a LinkBucks ad. This only endears the site to you more.


See User:NekoArc/IRC_logs#.234chon

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