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FoundationNovember 28th, 2013
Major Boards/b/,
Epic Winsnone

64chan is a recreated 99chan which exists due to the overly sensitive whiney wah wah cry babies parting from 99chan in order to form a more hateful union. 64chan is full of trannies who are VERY sensitive about their tranniness. It is recommended that if you go to 64chan that you refrain from using the following words:

  • Tranny
  • Tranny Chaser
  • Penis
  • Man Vagina
  • Dick Gurl
  • Dick Girl
  • Cock

Or anything that could even be remotely construed as hateful or insensitive. Several zlines have been issued due to people not liking trannies, 64chan is also known widely as TrannyChan due to the abnormally high concentration of trannies that are members of said tranny refuge.

Lopan and Kod drama

Lopan decided that he wanted to have sex with Kod because LoPan is a self confessed tranny chaser. Well simply LoPan found out that Kod had an active FetLife account and it caused a huge drama circlejerk as these people so wonderfully propagate. LoPan is returning back to 4chan where he claims he is Xerxes (he isn't, he's a faggot and liar) and kod will continue to run her "network" and "site" which is down or broken at least 139% of the time.


The userbase of 64chan consists of the rejects from 99chan, mostly people who are so self absorbed that if you locked them in a room with just themselves they would suffocate due to the high levels of condescending faggotry.


voxenFAIL is a creep that frequents 99chan and 64chan, and also tries to fuck every chatter in sight. voxenFAIL tried to hit on lesbian chatter MaDCoW by talking about his history of fucking dogs, leading to MaDCoW banning him from 64chan. voxenFAIL was eventually invited back due to 64chan's "only sick fuck chatters allowed" policy. Official pastebin pasted below

[02:29] <voxenFAIL> okcupid.com/profile/007Bistromath
voxenFAIL is [email protected] * ...
voxenFAIL on #64chan 
voxenFAIL End of /WHOIS list.
[02:34] <MaD> is this you or a random internet account
[02:34] <MaD> i dno't want to read a random account
[02:34] <voxenFAIL> It is me.
[02:35] <voxenFAIL> You can probably tell by the little codephrase at the bottom.
[02:35] <MaD> codephrase?
[02:35] <voxenFAIL> If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see it. And if you don't get it, I'll explain it.
[02:35] <MaD> lol the dog?
[02:36] <voxenFAIL> yes
[02:36] <voxenFAIL> Basically, that is my way of seeing whether anyone who looks at my profile is into that, in a way that I can claim is just random humor.
[02:37] <voxenFAIL> Because if you get fucked by a dog, you often want to put socks on his forepaws
[02:37] <voxenFAIL> so you don't get clawed up
[02:37] <MaD> wait so you actually have sex with dogs?
[02:37] <voxenFAIL> I have sucked a couple of them off, but never had the chance to go further than that.
[02:38] <voxenFAIL> Please tell me you aren't surprised. :p
[02:38] <MaD> its 99chan i can't be surprised anymore
[02:39] <MaD> why dogs
[02:40] <voxenFAIL> You did read the essay, didn't you? :p
[02:40] <voxenFAIL> Though it's certainly not all about their dicks.
[02:41] <MaD> oh.
[02:41] <voxenFAIL> Dogs are our best friends for a reason: we helped make each other what we are. Humans wouldn't have been nearly as successful without their canine companions, and they'd still be wolves without us guiding their breeding. (Though that would arguably be better.)
[02:42] <voxenFAIL> They understand us better than we understand them. They have nuanced personalities and strong emotions, and they know how we feel. They love us. And I love them.
[02:43] <MaD> is that from your essay or are you just typing that?
[02:43] <voxenFAIL> Just typing it right now.
[02:43] <MaD> haha ok jw
[02:43] <voxenFAIL> You should read the essay, though. It's good. ;)

[03:13] <lolidunno> <voxenFAIL> So, MaD is talking to you? wtf is going on?
[03:13] <lolidunno> wot is hapen
[03:13] <lolidunno> how say
[03:13] <MaD> just tell him i beeped you earlier
[03:13] <MaD> show him the log
[03:13] <lolidunno> I'll be a girl too
[03:13] <MaD> OH GOD YES
[03:13] <MaD> DO IT
[03:13] <lolidunno> we were talking about lady problems
[03:13] <lolidunno> lesbian lady problems
[03:14] <MaD> use those exact words
[03:19] <lolidunno> voxenFAIL> Oh.
[03:19] <lolidunno> <voxenFAIL> I figured she was going to get you to zline me like just happened on 64 out of the blue.
[03:19] <lolidunno> <voxenFAIL> According to Dorian, ONX did it, and told people to ask MaD why.
[03:19] <lolidunno> <voxenFAIL> And she won't talk to me here.
[03:19] <lolidunno> <voxenFAIL> At the time I was having what seemed like a friendly conversation with MaD
[03:19] <lolidunno> <voxenFAIL> Previously in the channel I had talked about how much I love dog dicks. As anyone who knows me is aware I do rather frequently.
[03:19] <lolidunno> <voxenFAIL> Later, for unrelated reasons, MaD was being a silly flirt.
[03:19] <lolidunno> <voxenFAIL> I offered her my okc profile, which has a sly little codephrase in it about the dogfucking.
[03:20] <lolidunno> <voxenFAIL> Apparenlty, she thought all the stuff I said before was a joke. Which is ridiculous, because I've only been out in this community since forever. I've talked about it at length on both the board and in channel.
[03:20] <lolidunno> <voxenFAIL> She still didn't seem to be upset, mind you.
[03:20] <lolidunno> alright I'm going to tell him that you were raped by a dog
[03:20] <MaD> is this real life

[03:32] <MaD> [03:31] <voxenFAIL> Listen, I didn't know what happened to you. It was terrible, and If I had, I wouldn't have talked about that stuff with you. I'm sorry I brought this to your mind.
[03:32] <MaD> [03:32] <voxenFAIL> But you have no business getting me zlined. I didn't do anything to you on purpose. I've been a member of this community for a long time, and this has never been a secret.
[03:32] <lolidunno> dang I think you should accept his apology
[03:32] <lolidunno> it's from the heart god
[03:32] <MaD> did you visit his okc?
[03:33] <MaD> this dude scares me
[03:34] <MaD> [03:33] <voxenFAIL> You gave me absolutely no indication that our conversation was anything other than friendly. If you'd expressed any kind of upset, I would've left you alone.
[03:34] <MaD> can someone
[03:34] <MaD> pls
[03:34] <MaD> tell this nigga to stop trying to fuck me
[03:34] <lolidunno> tell him that ever since you were raped by a dog you've identified as a dog in a lesbian's body
[03:35] <MaD> i can't chat w/ him again
[03:35] <MaD> i can't do it
[03:35] <MaD> i'm not 13 yrs old anymore
[03:36] <lolidunno> what happened to your youthful sense of internet adventure
[03:36] <MaD> well
[03:36] <MaD> i touched a girl's vagina and never looked back


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