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The AFP monitoring the local shit-chan for CP they can collect

The Australian Faggot Patrol, better known as their Faux name the Australian Federal Police are a syndicate of Australian Paedophiles and child Pornographers. Their methods of obtaining CP are unusual, and yet extremely effective. Their favorite method is to confiscate people's computers and pull the persons CP collection from their HDD's, then the CP is distributed to all AFP members and the Australian Federal Government.

Members of the AFP are not to be trusted, and you should take steps to protect yourself from them should they ever attempt to take your CP collection. The best method is to swiftly kick them in the stomach, then once they are down, a firm hit to the head with a blunt object will disable them, thus protecting your CP. Another method is to format your HDD then kill yourself.

Stephen Conroy's Involvement

In 2007 the beautiful mind of Australian Attorney General Stephen Conroy discovered the AFP's dealings, wanting to take action yet too puny and weak to take any action IRL, he in turn decided to introduce an Internet Filter to block us from CP. Thus preventing the AFP from being able to steal it from us. This pissed the Australian Faggot Patrol off immensely, which lead to them secretly leading an attack on the Australian Governments web sites as a form of protest. The Government, not wanting their secret to get out, decided to blame the attack on Anonymous who were quick to accept the e-penor XP.

Anonymous Casualties

An Australian Anon known as Bush has been fined 550 ausfag gold for inciting others to DoS in Operation Titstorm. bush's Inciting set back the AFP's CP distribution efforts by several hours. [1]

Another Anon known by the name Rand has also been charged and had his computers seized by the Australian Faggot Patrol and is still yet to be convicted. The AFP has given him full credit for being the mastermind of the so called terrorist attack.

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