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Quality content must surely abound within

AMX Mod X is a web site that includes a forum on which Twilight Suzuka is no longer a dev.

AMX Mod X is also an extended scripting language for Half Life, the game that was released in 1998, an entire millennium ago, paving the way for Wolfenstein and Pokemon Snapshot. Much like other refined gamers the good people of AMX are caught up in the past, where the Nintendo Entertainment System is the only thing that the truly cool kids are playing.

However the AMX community cannot quite relinquish the experience that a FPS offers, namely letting the player pretend they have a gun and can get away with using it frequently. Hence their persistence in continuing to support and develop the oldest role-playing game released on the PC, Half Life.

Twilight Suzuka

Twilight Suzuka of the AMX Mod X forums, cosplaying.

Twilight Suzuka looks something like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. It was never a dev of AMX Mod X, it only created various worthless modules. It eats nothing but penguins and knows Gabe Newell (aka "Gaben") personally.

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