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Yet another one of those faggoty clubs on Deviantart, this one gives us an opportunity to see a steady mix of Mary-Sues, hypocrites, and just overall retards. The club's name, APHRP-DA (Axis Powers: Hetalia RolePlay - DeviantArt), bases itself off of that of the manga and anime series, Wikipedia Favicon.png Axis Powers: Hetalia, in which deviants get to come to roleplay as characters, or even make their very own characters to roleplay with as well. Having changed quite considerably over the past year, APHRP-DA never ceases to remind us of the fuckheads that lie all over the Internetz. Because of all the drama that takes place, it can definitely be considered worthy of its place on Encyclopedia Dramatica.


It's become pretty apparent that a club such as this is absolutely FULL of faggotry. Literally. It's home to some of the most outrageous excuses for original characters, some of the worst administrators, shitty artists, and it even comes with its own section where they like to talk about themselves and people they dislike. Clearly, it's the backwash of the deviantart Web site, (maybe even the whole Internet), the place where all the unwanted shit ended up.

A Brief History

When the club first started, it seemed like a good idea, a place where Hetalia fans could go and test their skills in roleplaying and have a little fun. The club was originally created by Spartan142, one of the better artists from this junk pile. Unfortunately, as time went by, Spartan142 retired as the admin and placed charge in the hands of another idiot, Kat-Star, also known as Kat. Kat is perhaps the stupidest of the group members. The second admin put in charge was ItamiAssassian, also known as Ani. Ani is the little bitch girl that does Kat's dirty work for her. You'll see more on these two later.

During the early development of APHRP-DA, the club itself wasn't that bad. In fact, it was actually rather fun, a nice getaway from the real world to go and chat and play with some friends. However, once Kat and Ani became admins, things took a turn for the worst. The two, (particularly Kat), became mad with power, enforcing a lot of dumb rules and filling the roleplay with incestuous, homosexual bullshit. For this reason, almost all of the original members of the club are no longer a part of it.

Today, APHRP-DA can still be found having their gay fun. They're as uptight as ever, hating female OCs, side roleplay stories being shared, and being proven wrong. They've even added another admin, which is the crybaby of the three, and Kat's pet, Oklahoma, (main deviantart account unknown), also known as Ash. This OC of Oklahoma shames the state itself, and the person behind it is even worse. Ash tends to cry and whine and get upset when it is mentioned that a boy who was supposed to be dating her OC, (also a boy), ended up with a GIRL in a completely different roleplay, one not associated with APHRP-DA.

The club members claim to be "epic," but everyone knows they're nothing more than ugly failures with low self-esteem and a huge lack of artistic talent.

The Roleplays

Like any club made specifically for roleplaying on Deviantart, of course, APHRP-DA has its roleplays too. Of course, APHRP-DA doesn't think that deviantart is good enough to roleplay at, so instead, they use a Web site known as Mibbit, where the admins can have TOTAL control over what happens without the interference of the deviantart mods. They refer to this chatroom as "the IRC."

The events that actually take place in the IRC can be described as gauge-you-eyes-out horrific. Not only do these faggots love to practice incestuous homosexuality, but they also like to practice pedophilia. Since the group doesn’t allow people to create their own characters of countries, a lot of people made states, virtually shaming the US. Just about every one of the states is gay with another state, both boys and girls. The people who play as the actual characters of the series butcher them as well, making most of them completely stupid or totally out of character. These idiots also like to put themselves into the roleplay, and they also like to roleplay as people's clothing, or even their body parts! At a couple of points, two different people would roleplay as the character "Prussia"'s penis.

To see some of these roleplays in action, sign onto Mibbit, choose your nickname, and set the channel to #Hetalia. You may be surprised at what you find. While you’re there, go ahead and give them a good trolling.

The Admins

Here's where you can find out all about the mentioned moderators of APHRP-DA.


Probably the most passive and least horrific of the three, also one of the better artists in the group. Ash is the noob admin, subject to bend to Kat’s will, being her favorite and all. Ash is also a total crybaby over roleplays, which are fake. She plays as a character she made up, Oklahoma, who is gay for some other faggoty region character in the group. Oklahoma can be easily described as a “wanna-be” cowboy, having absolutely no spine whatsoever, and couldn’t top a fucking PILLOW if he wanted to.


Kat’s “right-hand man” and the one who does all the dirty work. Ani is a peace-loving tree-hugger who roleplays as the state of Wisconsin, who is gay for Texas. She also plays as another OC known as Dmitri “Maro,” a section of Russia, who is always bugging the canon character and calling him “Nana” like a fag. The last person Ani roleplays as is Sweden, an actual character from the series. Needless to say, she knows nearly nothing about him, making him seem like a cold-hearted asshole.


Kat M. Fae - most disgusting of the three admins. She keeps Ani and Ash under her thumb at all times,

Photo of Kat, the ugly, freaky bitch.

practically manipulating their administrative actions. She keeps Ash under a constant protection, even though she deserves what she gets for being such a crybaby. She decided to talk to the person who was "stealing Oklahoma's boyfriend away," telling her not to even mention it. Kat is apparently very inept with the concepts of "pretend" and "real life".

Kat can be easily described as a total freak, having blue hair, which is almost specifically for cosplay. Also a rather shitty artist. Everyone knows Kat is also a very big idiot. She is known to own many many cats, all of which she is allergic to. Kat is probably the biggest hypocrite in the group, known to have been breaking her own rules, most of which are outrageous to begin with. Kat's also known to be one of the most conceited, making stamps on Deviantart that support herself. People who makes stamps about supporting themselves are lame. Kat roleplays most commonly as a character she made up, the state of New Jersey, her home state. He's a lazy emo who's gay with the state of Michigan, also known as "Michigay", (New Jersey's first name, Logan, sometimes earns him the nickname of "Logay"). The second character Kat plays as is a recent one, known as Kalisto Karpusi. Little is known about him, since he is a recently made character, but it can be presumed he is an offspring of Greece, which is the third character that Kat roleplays as.

Some Notable People

Here are some people, mostly former members of APHRP-DA, who have given some lulz-worthy contributions to the club.

Former Spain

This guy was a retard, to say the least. He wanted to be in this dumb club so badly that, after he was banned the first time, he decided to join a second time under a different account. He was one of the reasons why Kat is a paranoid bitch to new members of the club. He was known to stalk some of the other members, trying to get on their good side to stay in the club. He even bought his roleplay account on Deviantart a subscription so people would take pity on him. After he was put on the ban list again, he was furious, claiming it ruined his "reputation" and he threatened with "legal action" to contact a lawyer. This turkey-headed faggot wanted way too badly to be part of this idiotic group.


The indisputable proof that Kat is a complete bitch. Not much is known about the reason, but Turkiye, (the former roleplayer of the character "Turkey"), hated Kat more than anything, even to the point of wanting to kill her herself. It had been reported many times that she had ranted to some of the members about it. Turkiye was always a very nice person until Kat started to "enforce her rules" and just prove what an asshole she is. Eventually, Turkiye got to the point where she hated Kat so much that she fled the group and Deviantart completely.


For every roleplay group, there's always someone with a made-up character that is a complete Mary-Sue, who gives us something to laugh at. This was Okinawa. She had multiple personalities, was absolutely in love with the canon character "Prussia," was very strong, had an evil twin, and could appear and disappear whenever she wanted! Through several episodes, Okinawa had to redo her personality and character in order to please the admins. She is the reason why pairing canon and OC characters is no longer allowed in the club, (another point that Kat is a paranoid bitch), even if both parties are in agreement. Okinawa was always yelled at for being a Mary-Sue, mostly by another person that will be discussed later. Eventually, Okinawa fled the group completely. It is unknown whether she remains on Deviantart.


Perhaps one of the most remembered of the group, this girl was probably the most devastating to the club. Newfoundland was claimed to be a Mary-Sue, mostly for the jealousy factor. It was said that neither of the admins ever liked her from the beginning, simply because she was one of the better artists and was getting much more attention than they were. During some point, she was banned because she told a joke in the chatroom that the admins didn't like or found offensive, (despite everything they themselves do inside the chat). Obviously, Newfoundland was extremely butthurt about it. She proceeded to write angry letters, vandalize the group's wikipedia site, (which will be discussed later), and do some constant watching on Kat, just waiting for her to fuck up so she could get back at her. This resulted in a war that lasted nearly 4 months until it finally stopped. This idiot, along with Kat, just didn't know when to stop and let the stupid club go. Newfoundland also sided with two other former members of the group who could no longer put up with Kat's bullshit. The two were 12-year-old twins known as Court and Cait. However, it was also reported that, after Newfoundland was banned, many of the group members of APHRP-DA had also left. Reasons are fairly unknown, though most claim to have left because of school. A few because of other problems, and some because they disagreed with the admins as well. Because of this, there are nearly no original members left in the club.


Known as Narooku-chan on Deviantart, this girl serves mostly as Kat's spy, who was known to have been checking up on Newfoundland during their little troll war. Naro roleplays as the character "Hungary" in the club, and also as an OC of the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan, A.K.A. Samantha.


Known as Tacoregalia on Deviantart, this one was very amusing. She played as the character "France" and in a separate roleplay within Kat's special group. In this special roleplay, these fags would practice their pedophilia fetish in which Fancy would always play as the pedophile. If that doesn't say a lot, you must be blind and dumb. Another known fact about Fancy is that she is a Communist. She also played as the state of Kansas in the roleplay, her home state. Be proud, Kansans. You have a Communist living in your state.


A former member of the group and probably one of the biggest crybabies in the group, next to Ash, of course. Zap was known to always whine about her problems to the rest of the group when it was meant to be an escape to come and roleplay with friends. She used to roleplay as Atlantis, probably one of the stupidest by-passing OCs there were. She was also one of Kat's favorites, and another set of proof that Kat is a hypocrite, having given Zap the ability to roleplay a fictional country. Zap also played a role as one of Kat's spies on Newfoundland during their childish war, giving up secrets of IM conversations to Kat, despite Newfoundland's idiotic assumption that Zap was her friend. It's rumored that shame of such an action finally got to Zap and she left the group as well.


Also known as Jade person had a character who was an even bigger Mary-Sue than Okinawa. The kid's name was Darren, the Queensland section of Australia. It was always a big mystery why Okinawa and Newfoundland were called out on being Mary-Sues, yet no one ever dared say a word to Jade. Some examples of Darren's faggotry include that he was a 15-year-old shota boy, could make things he needed appear out of nowhere, was commonly paired up with Russia, (despite the no canonxOC rule, which Kat never enforced on Jade), and was commonly made to be nearly or completely naked.


This was a special account that was made on Mibbit specifically for Kat and Ani to hide behind when they needed to enforce rules and such. It's a piece of proof that says they're both cowards. They would often refer to this thing as "ninja".


The newest addition to APHRP-DA's despair. This person pops in periodically just to troll the shit out of the people in the chatroom. It's said to be impossible to get rid of.

A Huge Ego

This club has also been known for its massive ego. These people always claim that they're a great club and really nice people. In fact, they've even made their own wikipedia Web site to discuss and tell about how awesome they are. This poorly made wikia site was established by the group's Estonia roleplayer, known to them as Miha. Note that this is the second wikia site they made, (after the first one had been vandalized by Newfoundland).

IRC Epicness?

As you'll find, there's a section in that site titled "IRC Epicness". Not only do these losers not know where the capslock button is, but they seem to like to spread their ego feces all over the page with a bunch of stupid shit.

The Bad and the Ugly?

Yes Kat... Quite a creative name for this page. It should have been titled something a little bit more accurate. Something like "Written by Assholes" would have been sufficient.

The Bad and the Ugly 2?

Well, it looks like this was Kat's secret weapon in the war against Newfoundland. It's surprising that it went this far, really. The story was stretched out so far that it took up a whole page. Someone must've been getting desperate to take the time to make this.


Well, since these retards can't use the same language as everyone else, they apparently needed to make up a whole list of words and phrases. This list was created by the group's first Prussia, known as Prussarah, another lowly bitch from the bowels of the club who later left.


Well....they're not really laws if you don't enforce them on yourself as well as the group members. The admins are not above laws, so this could be better titled as "Pee-on Rules".

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