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A Master Is Out will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

The original "A Master Is Out" image.

A Master Is Out is a very old meme spawned by mistranslation between Moonspeak and English. It’s origin is up for some debate because most people seem to think that every single meme ever created is from 4chan and nobody else in the world could possibly make up something as retarded as this meme. Similar to a roll call thread, it spreads quickly* and makes the viewer wonder why they go to 4chan in the first place.

*Please note, all images that accompany this article were taken from 4chan's /b/ board within a 5 minute time frame...giving you a general idea as to the depth and width of this sort of moronic shenanigan and how quickly they dominate the brains of the feeble minded.



In the early days of 4chan, a Japanese Anon visited the site and attempted to make one of those boring, stupid, and pointless threads known as “roll call” threads. In Japan, roll call threads are commonly accompanied with a picture depicting a dog peering out from under a cupboard; users then fill out the thread with various pictures and repeat the initial key phrase over and over again, to the amusement of the rest of the 12 year olds. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your intelligence level) the Japanese Anon used a faulty translator program to render his moonspeak into English. This gave his translation of “Where has my master gone” or “The dog is loose” the botched conversion of "A master is out,” and because the OP was either a moron or just plain didn’t give a shit, he posted it without checking his version.


Since /b/ was never good, this sort of mistranslation always gets a laugh and is copied ad infinitum (ad nauseam) by the morons at 4chan until the thread maxes out, whereby another Anon will go and make a new thread. Often the phrase "A master is out” is accompanied by various pictures that give the reader the idea that something is either gone or has escaped. For example, a picture of Cthulhu rising from the swampy remains of a ruined and broken R’lyeh will be posted and be supplemented by the magical phrase "A master is out.” Then everybody will laugh.


It seems a new, younger breed of /b/tard has discovered this old meme as it is currently making the rounds at 4chan once again. By next week, or perhaps two weeks at the latest, /b/tards will grow tired of this meme and move on to something else…one can only hope.

It is common knowledge that all the newfags who force "A Master Is Out" fap to this.

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