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A Storehouse of Knowledge (aSK) is wiki written in a Biblical viewpoint. Being a mouthful to say and a handful to type, this site is far from the first search result when googling "bible wiki". Contrary to popular belief, A Storehouse of Knowledge isn't a Conservapedia spin-off. Instead, A Storehouse of Knowledge is a splinter wiki created by Conservapedia deviant and outcast Philip J. Rayment. As with Encyclopedia Dramatica, aSK loves the æ.


The work of an intelligent designer.
  • This part of the Bible isn't meant to be taken literally.
  • This part of the Bible is meant to be taken literally.
  • Atheism is a religion.
  • Mormonism is sexist.
  • Mormonism is wrong due to various statements in the Bible.
  • Anything other than Young Earth Creationism is wrong.

Talk pages

Most of the activity on aSK is generally found on the talk pages. Unlike Conservapedia, aSK allows lengthy debates with the opposition, because its founder is obviously smarter than all conservapedians put together. The opposition is mostly made up of atheists and evolutionists. These lifeless users would waste time trying to prove why the aSK users are wrong, despite the fact that wiki is clearly meant to be a pro-Bible wiki instead of a neutral one. On the bright side, these debates are of a scientific nature rather than the political agreements you see on Conservapedia, which means actually thought goes into the comments. Despite the existence of pro-evolution wikis that the opposition could hang out at, the opposition appears to be offended by the fact that Bible-centric wikis exist, so they continue their pointless offensive into unknown Creationist territory. Why people who would never listen to or understand each other continue to debate is a beyond the comprehension of rational people.

Top dogs

Philip J. Rayment

Philip J. Rayment is aSK's founder and owner. He isn't shy about sharing your life story with us, as seen on Wikipedia, on A Shorehouse of Knowledge, and in an essay he wrote. Philip is a Australian Protestant, so his conservative views isn't something out of the ordinary. The Bible and his deeply religious parents taught him everything he knows. Judging from his autobiography, the Bible makes up 90% of Philip's life and career. Philip derives most of his supporting evidence for his views from Creation Ministries International.

Philip started revising Wikipedia on July 8, 2004. He later discovered that Wikipedia was filled with bias, especially against Creationism. He later joined the CreationWiki in October 2004. Philip wouldn't join Conservapedia until March 17, 2007. Conservative (so much for Conservapedia's "first name and last intial" policy) was the first person to notice Philip. As expected, their first conversation was about how biased Wikipedia is.

On April 1, 2007, Conservative encouraged Philip to request sysop rights from Aschlafly. On April 2, 2007, Aschlafly makes Philip a sysop. Aschlafly basically tells Philip that he sysop'd him in order to market Conservapedia to Australians and that Philip should mercilessly permaban vandals. In crowning moment of awesome, Philip thanks Aschlafly by telling him that Aschlafly doesn't know a single thing about Australia.

Eventually, Philip learned, as many others have learned, that Conservapedia wasn't a good community to be a part of. Conservapedia was transforming into an attack site. Conservapedia was becoming a host for arguments and disputes. Instead of defending conservative views and rebutting liberal views, Conservapedia became more about showing how liberals and evolutionist are pure evil and how Obama was an evil Muslim infiltrator secretly plotting to bring down the US. As a result, Philip left Conservapedia in order to build a better wiki.

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