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Aaron Carter in his natural habitat.

Aaron Carter is a former child star, drug addict and the uglier and less talented younger brother of Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. He is also a pathological liar and likes to scam middle aged female fans by not shipping his merch, or showing up to his own "concerts".

Since he has telepathic abilites to brainwash females to worship him as if he is some sort of fucking god, females will defend him in any way if someone DARES to criticize him or state a negative opinion. Also those females think that Aaron Cartor will be the next Justin Bieber.

Aaron's self proclaimed AcArmy consist of mostly fat single mothers from the south.
Aaron is obviously the uglier and shorter brother. His brother must be in despair and huge shame to have this son of a bitch excuse of a brother related to him.

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