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Abigail Suzanne "Abby" Martin (born in September 6, 1984) is an Neo Hippie and brain death 9/11 conspiracy theorist who was an former Rt journalist to start her brain death podcast follow by Hipsters and her Mindless drones.

Hi I'm Abby Martin,please rape me

Not content with blogging about GMOs like a good little girl or some other shit nobody cares about, as the only attention she would be getting would be from fellow brain dead libtards, Abby decides to go for bigger game.Wearing a shirt with "Fuck Chris Kyle" boldly emblazoned on the front. Attacking a dead guy who isn't able to defend himself is so brave,there needs to be more strong independent women like this willing to take a strong stand even was her point? It totally wasn't standard attention whoring in a sad attempt to show the world how edgy she is.No, she's a respectful journalist.She soon becomes the recipient of death and rape threats and goes on to cry about how mean they are for doxing her.

The shirt in question.Notice how all the commenters seem to be male
Posting caps for sympathy

Bitching About Amerian Sniper

Not only was constantly bitching about on her dum podcast that nobody listens to. She did with Cunty friend and with her wannabe Aphex Twin bother

War with TOW

This is not about ego guys, I really don't care if I'm on Wikipedia or not


—Abby Martin crying about not being on Wikipedia

Abby Martin is the latest to declare war on Wikipedia. She's extremely butthurt she did not meet the requirements for notability and had her article deleted, despite her best efforts at attention whoring otherwise. Instead of realizing this is merely how the bureaucratic fucks at TOW operate, she, true to form, insists it is the fault of the HOLY SHIT CORPORATE MEDIA!!! Her article was restored on January 14, 2014, only a few hours after she started bitching about it.

It still exists today though mysteriously it has no mention of the numerous third-party sourced citations available discussing the many Wikipedophile diapers that were shat over her article.

Wikipedia + Abby = Luv

Wikipedia Favicon.png Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Abby_Martin_(2nd_nomination)
Wikipedia Favicon.png Discussion


How "freedom" lovers assert American Exceptionalism through sex violence & misogyny w/ @RaniaKhalek @AbbyMartin:


Media Roots

Some psychotic Chris Kyle fan just doxxed me & my family's personal information on a bunch of sniper forums & told them to come fuck us up.


Abby Martin, BAWW

When you denounce Chris Kyle's racist war propaganda... Vets who know he doesn't speak for us, support @AbbyMartin!


Mike Prysner, radical Muslims are a race?

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