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Yet another unconventional fetish featuring pictures of girls in situations that would make them an hero if they could see them.

It seems that this fetish doesn't exist on regular porn sites, being seperated from upskirts, teen/barely legal, caught, and voyeur. It's the dream of all guys who search desperately for shame porn, unwanted nudity, and no fake shit, even though it's still fake most times (who cares, I'm hard LAWL).

This is YOUR perfect fetish, if:

  • You're a virgin
  • You had some embarrasing boner inducing experiences with accidental nudity of girls
  • You are sick of shitty fake porn, cfnm, and all the regular porn stuff that is obviously fake, like hell
  • You hate wimminz
  • You're a fan of sharking, rape, voyeur and all the other "unwanted sex"
  • You have much fantasy
  • You want to create your own porn to send to a friend so you can both jerk off to it together

Do it yourself!

  • A high resolution camera which can shoot and shit
  • Clothing to hide your face
  • Fast legs for a hit and run
  • Access to places like public pools, changing rooms, school showers, and so on
  • Attractive young girls who are unwilling to share their sweet spots with people like us


  • Q: Is it worth it to ruin the friendship of a girl who hangs around with me so you can get some fap pics ?
  • A: Fuck yes, we would do the same for you
  • Q: What are the problems with the law?
  • A: None, you didn't touch her, didn't abuse her, as long as the pic wont be found by anyone like faggy police investigaters or her family/friends (which surely won't happen) they cant jailnigger you (unless you are a nigger). Put the pics in circulation on /b/ so they cant be found by any gestapo pic-upload sites or google and enjoy your win. Just remember, if you can take a pic of a loli-girl undressing in her room from the street without the aid of special filters or lenses like infrared or by trespassing onto the propery, it's a perfectly legal pic. Just don't distribute the pic. For the lulz, don't forget to earn the disdain of the internets by getting caught by the loli's dad and suing his ass off after he kicks your ass and you prosecute him for assault. So, two camereas. One for your sick hobby and the other to record your ass getting kicked. Don't forget to post the latter to Jewtube.
  • Q: What will my girlfriend say about my new hobby?
  • A: You don't have a girlfriend nor will you, probably, ever have one. You will be that person who, after getting a job as a teacher in the worst innercity school district and earning his seniority, all the kids call Nabokov.
  • Q: What will my Mom or Dad say?
  • A: They'll be happy to know that you'll be getting laid regularly in Prison after they find your CP nip-slip and snail shot collection and turn your sick ass in.
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