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Ace's Last Moments was an article on wikichan documenting a DCAU-related tale.


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This story was created in /co/, by kagato23, recounting the last moments of Ace, in Justice League Unlimited.


Though holding the man’s hand brought her some comfort, Ace was dying. She could literally feel it with her enhanced senses, down to the exact second she’d pass. During the course of this contemplation she started tearing up about all the things she'd never get to do in life, so Batman held her close, in his powerful arms. Her face turned up to his and she drew him down into a tender kiss. He knew he didn't have to wear his mask around her, she already knew his identity, so he took it off and looked her into eyes with his own piercing blue ones as he carried her over to the swing and stepped between her thighs...

Her leotard was too bothersome to remove, but proved little obstacle for his roving hands. A gloved palm caressed her breast while his tongue laved the nipple of the other. Ace's breath came in hitches and mewling noises played in her throat. Batman maintained his oral attentions to her bust, but he slid his hand down to the apex of her thighs, where he could feel her heat through his gloves. He pushed her leotard to one side and introduced a digit to her center...

That was quite enough foreplay. "Bruce" she panted, herself realizing there was no need, no time, for anything but names now, as she used her powers to literally rip her own clothes off. "I get to do this once, I want to FEEL it".

Thankful that for once, he wouldn't need the bat-condoms, he nodded, unzipping the bat-fly.

As he tore her open, his fingers digging deep into her buttocks, the pain in her head seemed to melt away at the new sensations, then pulsate, then become a strange swirl together of pure sensation across the board. For somebody who'd been unable to feel anything for a good part of her life, it was a state of consciousness like onto heaven.

Ace's life left her body at the peak of the 5th orgasm. Batman felt her go, but unable to stop himself, continued for five more minutes before his own climax, announced with a shout of "my parents are deaaaaaadddd!"

~Jesus Christ!~ Thought the Manhunter, who'd snuck in to look and make sure batman was okay, quickly retreating and using his powers to erase the memory from his own mind.



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