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What even is this?

Ace The Dragon (also known as the missing link between why apes never evolved into humans) is an autist furry that suffers from brain damage, he is often found being extremely fucking edgy on steam, and is the biggest attention whore to ever stumble its way onto steam, much like other people of this type. He'll display his very edgy and totally pointless messages just under his name, wanting people to notice him. They'll often be very edgy, and act kind of like a mood feature for steam, a gaming platform. He'll also shitpost on peoples profile comments with his very important and no way illogical thoughts, oh he's also a TF2 Hacker.

The Haskell Saga

We know!

Haskell is Ace The Dragons web-dream of causing drama. After being trolled by Haskell over 12 times, he has proceeded to shitpost behind his back to all the people he knows. [sauce plz!?!1!] Even though what he normally says is completely dumb and irrational, he will also often try and include the furry fandom in all his arguments, and call you a troll if you disagree with his opinions. He is also in the series of boyfriends Haskell has had for trolling purposes, they dated for a week where he admitted he had brain damage.

More Dumbshit

Feel sorry for him!!

As well as also publicly admitting he has brain damage, he has also admitted that he has several other mental disorders, as well as being autistic. He uses the Steam community to launch him self from his depression, asking for compliments all the time, he also has strangely broken genitals. He is also a huge TF2 and Garrysmod faggot, he makes shitty little posed screenshots and posts them onto his profile, and then asks people to comment nice things on them, if you don't? Then you are instantly blocked.

As well as being a total shitlord, he also considers him self a troll. And actively takes pride in trolling furrys he meets, normally his trolls are pretty pathetic, but are quite funny to watch. He normally uses his profile comments to fight with people, even though what they are saying most of the time is true.


As well as also being a furfaggot, he's also into cubs, and often fantasies about penetrating underage furry children.

After he is told about his page here, he then tries to deny everything which is posted here. Saying that he can be autistic as he wants, and that we all just have to put up with it. His erection for Haskell grew even stronger, blaming him for the page and making out that he's just trying to cause drama.


I can be autistic all I want


— Ace The Faggot.

As I said before, I really don't give a toss. Clearly the creators of this page are jealous of something.


— Ace The Faggot.

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