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Deviantart-favicon.png ACommissionReviewer (AJ Bijela) is a stereotypical SJW atheist who likes to pretend REALLY HARD that he's NOT a stereotypical SJW atheist. Despite what his username implies, his purpose on DeviantArt is to post whiny rant journals every time he finds someone with an opinion he disagrees with. These journals are almost exclusively about Christians, with few exceptions.

Political Views

AJ is a Fascist who thinks nobody should be allowed to think differently than his preconceived views of what the world should be, and he unashamedly supports communism.

He also claims to be a strong supporter of "Separation of Church and State", however he believes every aspect of the Christian church should be controlled by the government i.e. Christians should be forced to perform actions against their faith, pastors should be forced to marry gay couples, sermons should be scanned by the government to make sure they don't contain "offensive" material, and churches should be taxed.

Illegal Activity

AJ has teamed up with another DA user, Deviantart-favicon.png Randomgorilla and his friends to harass the user FCU777 with disturbing frequency. FCU777 is AJ's favorite target, as he says she is an "easy target" for him. More of his rant journals and statuses are about FCU777 than any other person or user. He stalks her page at least once a week to see if she has posted "something stupid" (aka. something Christian) That he can "respond to".

This has led him to the oh so fortunate meeting of Randomgorilla, who knows FCU777 in real life and bullies her at her university. As a result, they frequently share any personal information about FCU's real life that they can get ahold of in order to use it to defame her online. Attempts have been made to take legal action against this harassment, but due to them living overseas from each other, the case is out of the jurisdiction of law enforcement.

He has once claimed he would stop, and that he would write one last concluding journal about her and then never bother her again, but this was proven to be a lie as he always comes back to the users he harasses and always has "more to say". It has been nearly a year since he made this statement and has since shown no sign of putting it into action.

Update: In the past few months, AJ seems to have diverted his attention to the users Deviantart-favicon.png OddGarfield and Deviantart-favicon.png LordElthibar, only because FCU hasn't been posting much lately and he's gotten bored of her. However, he's proven time and time again that he will come back.

Alternate Accounts

Deviantart-favicon.png UKONW is an account that has since been deactivated in an attempt to hide after he was caught block evading and pretending to be his own white knight by AnScathMarcach. He has apologized for this and thinks he should be absolved from all association with it. However, he thinks other people's mistakes are fair game to use against them at any time, even if it happened over four years ago and the Wayback Machine had kept a copy of his former account.

Tumblricon.png thatsilversparkblog is his Tumblr account where he occasionally brings his antics directly to Tumblr users, but not quite as often.

YouTube Favicon.png SilverSpark Rants is his Youtube channel where he claimed he was going to do other things with his life besides bashing Christianity, such as reviewing video games. But it's shockingly empty. If this were a book, this would be some great symbolism.

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