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Dankshasta likes turtles.

AdamPerson vs. Dankshasta

When a lolcow dukes it out with trolls, the results are always expected: the lolcow QQs and tries to say I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK SO I'LL KEEP POSTING AT YOU! What about when two troll/lolcow hybrids bitching at each other?

Enter AdamPerson, a Nagafen EQ2Flames forum section mod with a unibrow, and Dankshasta, an EQ2 and former Darkfall player who decided he didn't like Adam no moars. He posted this thread over here, in mid-January 2010, except it was deleted. Why?

Dank, who was pissed off at AdamPerson, posted a picture of AdamPerson and his chubby fiance. AdamPerson didn't like that. Not one bit. He called out Dank for purchasing a wife from some poor country in Asia for like $3000 or some shit like that. Nagafen rooted for AdamPerson, Pink Poodle was told to stfu as usual, and the thread became huge.

Alas, Adam decided he did not want that thread around, and deleted fucking everything. Actually, let's emphasize that, and put that in caps. DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING. Of course, the Nagafen posters all turned against him for that. January 23, 2010 marked the start of Nagafen rampaging again.

And thus, the Streisand Effect has begun.


Why wasn't the thread deleted or dank suspended in the first place for the initial violation? You just let him go on with it and you participate in the thread with him, then you wait until it's made you rage enough and now it's time to start enforcing. It's bona fide mod rate at its finest.


—Kendayar, some Aionfag

Wtf? Nazi mods....Was nice to read a non nigger thread.



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