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Adam Sharp is an aspiring young internet journalist for the Tea Party in St. Louis, Missouri.

On February 17, 2010, Adam decided he would take one for the team, and pick a fight with a local TV reporter at a memorial rally for a local progressive activist. He then proceeded to whine about the assault on his blog constantly for the next month. See below for the two main accounts of what happened in the deadly game of cat and mouse. Do not build your hopes up.

Adam decided, wisely, to wear an SEIU jacket in hopes that his conservative fanbase would be outraged because Obama supporters were there. A tactic endorsed by his hero Glenn Beck.

Sharp was voted Ass Clown of the Week by a local newspaper. Reports have confirmed that it did indeed go to his head.

Sharp is under the belief that the Missile Defense Agency logo is an Obama Muslim conspiracy.See here for details and general fuckwittery.

Communism in my Democracy?

Still using the camera that Adam's sister uses, Adam decided to troll a local protest outside the St. Louis County Justice Center demanding that a rival blogger disavow communism.

Clearly, in Sharps world, Joseph McCarthey still lives, meaning that Adam Sharp is not from this world, but has one of those dimensional portals like on Sliders.

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