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Additional Pylons wat
Foundation November 2007
Major Board /pylon/
Epileptic Wins lol ****s
Website Additional Pylons

Additional Pylons was a website with some lulz that revolve around its somewhat tamer /b/ board (/pylon/) and its chat room, much like the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun and Chris Crocker. There is an obvious Starcraft motif, but not all of the members actually still play 10-year-old Starcraft.


Additional Pylons was originally an Image dump for the admin, Pylon, but it quickly evolved into a gaiafag-free place of occasional epic win and Ajax power supplies. Most of the old regulars have been banned from 4chan and rather like it that way. There is more namefaggotry compared to other *chan sites, due to both the chat room and the small user base.

The only original thing on the site is the color scheme and hand-drawn image of the admin, pylon (see magic). Also the chat emotes, when they get updated. Also the S (submit) and N (noko) buttons.

In AD 2009 war was beginning. The regulars were split into two groups. One group didn't mind the cancer that was Gayjon, the other side didn't mind him IRL, but despised him on Pylons. After several months this caused the greater portion of the non faggot regulars (Namely chyz, shuzzy, Sep, Tom Strudel, and WnG) to stop coming to the site, eventually leading to its demise.

Sadly in late September of '09 The site was reverted to its early '09 layout. It no longer has its own chat, only an IRC now.


Image Board

  • /Pylon/ Is like most image boards, but slower. Also powered by Ajax. Last known to be hosted on 24chan.


Currently dead, seeing as most of the regulars that had the slightest bit of faggotry in them are now regulars on lol cuss words.

Other stuff


Image archive that includes Awesome pictures pylon stole from 4chan and shit.

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Not pythons, /b/-tard!


flash games that were stolen from sites that aren't as cool.

Pylon TV

lolwuttv, lolwuttv (alt), Family Guy TV, and Muffin Tops TV.

Typical pylon word board


This is where retards can enlarge their e-peens by submitting their high scores in retarded games.

Word Board

The word board is there for people to rearrange the letters to make retarded shit. Mostly dicks and swastikas.

Pylon Merch

Cafepress link. You can get a new shirt, a new clock, or even a new pillow. Buy shit RIGHT NOW or you'll be miserable forever.

Bubble Text

You can do bubble text. It's retarded.

IRC Chat #24pylons Shared with 24chan. This is where you can hang out all the cool people from additional pylons and 24chan and talk about stupid shit. Popular topics include:


A convention where 5 to 6 of the regulars meet at RobertPaulsons. This is the first year of the event. IT IS NOT A JOKE. It was probably the only hope for the site but it never panned out.

Goals and Aspirations

  • tits, cocks, foreheads, asses, elbows, legs, eyelids, armpits, pieces of paper, dollar bills, cigarette packs, etc. with /pylon/ written on them
  • its own ED article (wat)
  • needs more goals and aspirations
  • better stuff on Muffin Tops TV
  • To construct additional pylons

Original Memes

Use these for instant acceptance.

  • "lol ****s"
  • "This is the man who owns"
  • "This is my roommate."
  • "This is why I drink"
  • "Happy Cinco De Mayo" (to be said on every day but the fifth of may)
PEOPLE WHO LOVE US (most of them don't know what /pylon/ is) About missing Pics
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