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Sebastian 'Addy/Addiction' Bach is a neo-nazi cybersex addict prepubescent overly serious teenager who wants Slenderman and Jeff the Killer to invade his anal cavities. You can throw in the fact he ran several overly serious roleplay servers on an unoriginal Half-Life 2 modding base made by some guy named Garry currently occupied with making an even shittier, more unoriginal game then his first for extra fag-points, but the point still stands - Addy is a major faggot.

One of Addy's recent profile pictures...

Though most who observed Addy's intense faggotry were part of the serious roleplay communities he ran themselves (which adds to their total fag-level as well), it can be safely said there is a severe difference between your average twelve year old amateur writer looking to get his Half Life 2 edgy rebel character's dick into some Combine ass and a constantly server cybering server owner with a love for Nazis and poorly written creepypastas.


Addy fell in love with Nazis, but it is unknown if Nazis have returned his affection. We can only hope they haven't.

Though at first Addy doesn't seem like your typical neo-nazi skinhead, his veil of innocence can be easily seen through by his character and group on his own server. During his time running Leviticus, a fag-infested serious roleplay shithole like every other serious roleplay community out there, Addy had an edgelord character named 'Krieg' who ran a Nazi faction called blandly the 'Reich'. It was basically a circlejerk of actual neo-nazis and players who simply wanted to milk free items out of the obsessed owner where instead of jews, they hunted down all non-slavs. The only reason Addy went with this slavic Nazi idea was because his server was set in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R universe and not Germany. Had it been set in Germany, it is likely Addy would have created Adolf Hitler himself so that he could easily jack off to jews burning in ovens.


Addy, like many others in the roleplay community, is addicted to cybersex. He needs erotic roleplay as it is the closest he will ever get to real sex. Since he knows real vagina or even dick is far from his reach, he has resorted to simply jacking off to 'sexy' roleplay with other desperate men whacking it above their keyboards.

His cybersex addiction has even led to him resorting to all-time lows. Addy met most of his cyber-buddies on the servers he ran, but once he couldn't spoil them with items, they didn't want to take his sexual abuse anymore. Thus, Addy was forced to mask himself as a teenage girl to reel in more cyber-buddies. Of course, this could also be due to the fact Addy is a raging homosexual.

In summation, Addy jerks himself to mile-long erotic roleplays most likely involving his ass being pounded by Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, and probably all the guys in the Russian Sleep Experiment due to his sexual obsession with creepypastas.

Serious Roleplay

Like thousands of other faggots across the globe, Addy indulges in Serious Roleplay. He normally engages in it on Garry's Mod servers. Most of the time, he owns these servers, probably due to the fact the rest of the community can't stand him unless he's in complete power. During his time on these servers, he deals with an army of kiss asses while trying to appear serious and sophisticated. He does this by hating every and all memes (yet he has a hard-on for [[Homestuck|Homestuck}}) while trying to be 'darkly humorous.'

When he's not trying to appear like the cool server owner he thinks he is, he is usually on one of his very few characters. His most developed character is a fag because he eventually become an hero. However, he loved this character so much he couldn't resist recreating him on another server he hosted. However, this server was literally the opposite of 'serious roleplay' making the whole concept of having an overly developed, edgy, back from the dead character pointless and retarded.

His second character is 'Krieg', a stern, yet for some reason polite, Adolf Hitler rip-off who recruits everyone and anybody as long as they're a slav for his Neo-Nazi faction. Despite this, he tells his members to not persecute slavs due to the amount of shit he gets from players over his Nazi fetish. Nobody messed with this group either, as it was ran by the owner, which means they would win no matter what. Like every other server.

Addy also got his cybersex on in his Serious Roleplay servers. During his ruling of Exodus, he was caught sleeping with some bitch by a group of slightly less faggy roleplay fags. They decided to smash through the wall and kill him during his intense, steamy, erotic action. After 'HULK SMASH!' was yelled and the shotgun was emptied into Addy's mid-intercourse character, Addy took the only logical action. He banned the guy who had ruined his hot cybersex.

Brony Side

It was recently discovered by undercover agents that Addy is also a closet brony. Of course, he did not hide this well as he has a screenshot of pony porn in his Steam screenshots library, confirming that he is, indeed, a Sick Fuck.

You can view it here, at your own discretion.


Homestuck, also known as Homeshit, is something Addy loves. He probably loves it for the following reasons:

  • It has an overly complex and sophisticated plot. Addy wants to appear complex and sophisticated.
  • It has a fanbase full of porn artists, erotic roleplayers, SJW's, and other angsty teenagers. (Addy can't resist his cybersex, even when it involves weird grey aliens and underage characters)
  • It has references and memes that he doesn't immediately hate as they are less known / mainstream.

It's an absolute fact that Addy has got off to Homestuck at least once. He may have jacked it to Rule 34, erotic roleplay, or even the webcomic itself. Of course, this is a minor offense compared to wanting Slenderman and Jeff the Killer to pound your butt all the way through Kansas.

His Secret Fursona

Our agents have discovered his Fursona. This is a great discovery for us seeing how more light is shown upon the fact that he is indeed a Sick Fuck

More information on this matter will be updated later.

Lolcow Potential

Addy, theoretically, could be a lolcow. Like many serious roleplay fags and serious roleplay administrative fags, Addy could succumb to trolling. However, he is quick on the block button so the following points should be taken into consideration:

However, one can easily acquire lulz if they are a member of the serious roleplay community. Addy can be messed with on his servers - Killing his character, ruining his erotic roleplay, or even fucking with his stupid Nazi faction (if he has it on where ever he now resides) will probably result in, yes, lulz and controversy that can stir up actual roleplay fags to stand by your side.

For example, he stood against every stupid serious roleplay rule he tried to enforce when one of his 'Reich' members ended up dead. He was willing to pay for metagame (For those who never delved into the roleplay faggotry Twilight Zone, this means to use Out of Character information In Character) with in-game items and money to someone who was at the scene of the crime. This showed his true colors, though this really doesn't fucking matter anyway because it has to do with stupid roleplay faggotry drama bullshit. However, its still a potential lulz fountain and is thus worth noting.

Another thing - Addy is rather hidden. He was formally PortalCrazy and is willing to switch up his identity to avoid the hatred of a community. He will probably change his name when he sees this page. Of course, he'll probably try to vandalize it or remove it altogether at first. This will probably result in failure and lulz. The point is, Addy is harder to track down then most which also dents his potential as a lolcow. Disregard this, he's only CONTRIBUTED to the page. Which leads us to a whole new part of this extravaganza...


It's been rumored Addy may be the development lead of Hatred. However, the lack of Nazis makes some think otherwise.

The edginess can lead one to believe Addy is in charge. Plus, reputable sources have given us this information and we can only trust reputable sources. Obviously. Another doubt about this rumor is that instead of cybering with the women the main character encounters, he instead shoots them. However, this can be even flipped as Addy mainly cybers as an angsty teenage girl that gets fucked by guys. Still, the Hatred protagonist makes no effort to take it up the pooper from the men he encounters. Time may tell - For all we know, only the real civilian edgelords will be able to fuck what we can only see as a representation of Addy in the finished game.

Addy's Response

Addy's reaction to this page was... unexpected. However, it can be interpreted in several different ways. We must acknowledge the fact that he didn't go into an aspie rage fest like many others, but instead took it as satire and laughed at it. Well - He said he laughed at it, we can't be sure.

His initial response can be seen in logs he publicly showcased on his profile here:


When we analyze these logs a couple of things become very apparent;

  • Addy considers having an Encyclopedia Dramatica page a good thing. He believes that being linked from the same page that Chris-Chan is somehow makes him famous.
  • Addy doesn't know who is actually behind the page and is pinning it onto somebody else. This is okay, as it shows that he is willing to insult and basically do the same fucking thing we did to him to who he believes created this page he finds hilarious.
  • Addy is wearing a Homestuck username. Probably because he was erotically roleplaying as this 'Highblood' character with underage fangirls at the time of this page's release.
  • Despite finding it funny, Addy considers it 'so new a low'. He tries to act as if he respects the satire but then goes on to disrespect it as 'so new a low' and also shows us that he isn't laughing due to how funny the article is, but because he believes it was written by someone who he has internet beef with.

His contributions to this ED page can be seen here alongside their extremely devoted and in depth analyses:

Addys response.png

This can be looked at in two ways.

  • Addy has grown the fuck up and is less offended and more entertained by this page, invalidating his position as a lolcow and making him just an unimportant shmuck on the internet with a bad track record.
  • Addy is only trying to seem mature by laughing it off.

The latter way of looking at it is probably the truth, as he still uses shitty emo edgy profile images and continues to attempt to run serious roleplay servers. Cold hard facts also suggest that some of the wiser faglords of the internet have a built-in, yet poorly designed counter-trolling mechanism. This is a much better defense system then the ever-so-common push your trolls towards a new target strategy that lolcows such as Chris-Chan and Don Roberts have used before in the field. It could also be proof of lolcow evolution, canceling out the popular lolcow devolution theory, as it would show that some lolcows are learning to prevent even the most skilled lulz milkers from getting towards their utters.


Note from Addy: I should have included something about autistic children. I hope you all look forward to the sequel!

Steam Profiles


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A picture of him as a 10 year old: