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Taking down Reddit, aka "Which one is the DDoS key again?"
A timeless aspie.
Jake Cockring.

AdrenalineOn, aka Adren (real name: Jake Hocking), is an aboriginal transsexual autist who also happens to be lol used to be the moderator of the /pol/andcraft Minecraft server originally created to distract summerfags from the 4chan board, /pol/.

Known for being possibly the worst Minecraft administrator in existence, Adren's hobbies include lying about being Aryan on the internet, dyeing his hair blonde in a failed attempt to hide his aboriginal features, coming up with ridiculous conspiracy theories about Nazi UFOs, sucking Jew cock, and jacking off into a Pinkie Pie plush toy.

Also notable was what happened when poor Jake stumbled upon this article and attempted to remove the "illegal" personal information included in it, citing "international cyber-stalking laws."

Minecraft Drama

U believe in UFOs, m8?

When he wasn't busy doing any of the above activities, he would huff petrol and then proceed to go on a power trip on his former Minecraft server by banning any player who refused to suck his dick.

Due to severe butthurt caused by autism, Adren would b& anyone who challenged his misguided views or just attempted to have fun on his shitty server at all. If you tried calling him out on his bullshit, or point out that the Nazis could not have created a UFO entirely unaffected by air resistance due to violation of the laws of physics, he would fly into an autismal rage and you would invariably get b&.

Jake Gets b&

Good news, Minefags! Sources reveal that Adren was banned as an admin from /pol/andcraft for his pseudo-political faggotry and idle threats of DDoS attacks.

Being shunned from a place where one would expect he would fit right in with says a lot about this faggot.


The normal DJ, CivDog, has gone missing. So I guess I'll try this out.

It seems like the server had a bit of a hiccup when troublemaker AdrenalineON tried to DDOS the server.. Apparently he was mad when some of our players killed them on their server.

A man was murdered today in Trenzalore . Shouldn't have gone there, Doctor.

The library of Gondolin is looking for writers to fill their libraries. Get your writing hands ready and get out there!

As always, this is Radio Free Civcraft. I'm Margaret the Technician. I leave you with Mighty Mighty Man - Roy Brown. Be sure to stop by our fan created or Turntable.




So, AdrenalineON (the DDOSer in question) is a player from the infamous hotbed of admin crymes that is /pol/.

When we had a party on their server (as all the kool kats will remember) this man was amongst the buttmad players that were sad because we were owning them with our l33t PvP.

He was also the player given godmode by the admins to kill us at the end. Yes, they were that mad.




Adren please. See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. AdrenalineON, threatening to ddos me over someone on the server I help run ruining his items that he admitted were gotten with admin intervention. I mean, ddosing me would be bad enough, but getting so angry that you threaten to ddos the server, cut off my balls, and kill me? Really? I may be 18, but holy shit, even the adults here act like they are twelve year olds in a pissing contest over a box of legos.



Adren's Background

Adren's proud people in their natural habitat.

Despite claiming to be of pure German ancestry, Adren is at least 90% aboriginal due to the fact that all individuals living in Australia for over three generations possess the H34-K1383 gene, causing them to lose their white European characteristics and develop a more abo-like appearance and mental functionality. By eight generations the transformation is complete and individuals begin to exhibit the traits displayed by the natives, such as significant drop in intelligence levels and appearance, and even showing preferences for more primitive housing styles.

He is also part mongoloid due to the fact that Germany was raped by slavs at the end of WWII. His lack of intellect can further be attributed to the fact that the chemicals found in blonde hair dye such as Dihydro-nitrogen peroxide result in a lowering of IQ by at least fifty-points according to several peer reviewed university studies.

How to Troll

The best way to evoke Adren's nerd rage is to disprove his conspiracy theories regarding Nazis and UFOs. This can be done by pointing out the fact that the existence of Nazi disc-shaped craft has been disproven many times, the rumor even denied being by Adolf Hitler himself who labelled those who believed in it "Gullible Jewish puppets who in no way represent the interests of our National Socialist nation."

Other ways of trolling include pointing out the fact that he is an abo and asking why the Nazis lost the war if they were so fucking superior. If they had UFOs and still lost, doesn't that make it even more embarrassing? Also, mention air resistance for maximum lulz. When trolling Adren on his former server, at least 7 proxies were recommended to avoid the imminent risk being raped by a banhammer.

Contacting Adren

Atomic.gif Warning!
According to Adren, this contact information is a violation of cyber stalking laws and should be removed immediately!

Adren, whose real name is Jake Hocking, lives in South Adelaide, Australia, and can be contacted through his Skype, or by playing a rectally-inserted didgeridoo loudly into the heavens.

His Skype is studs.ramrod. Feel free to add him, call him a white trash cunt, and ask him for shekels.

Jake can also be found at Fb-favicon.png jake.hocking.54.

Jake's Reaction to This Article

The above contact information was all confirmed by Jake himself when he decided to visit ED's IRC channel and beg for it to be removed, after instantly being banned for trying unsuccessfully to remove it himself.

Jake at first demanded that it be removed at his request, citing a "cyber stalking law" that he apparently believes Ausfalia has over the rest of the world. A little advice for him would be to read the history behind the Aboriginal article.

After this failed, he then began begging for the contact section to be removed out of fear of him being DDoS'ed over Skype. This proves the kid has zero knowledge about DDoS at all, and actually is an aspie transexual abo faggot, making this entire article to be truth. Thanks for stopping by and confirming all that for us, Jake!

His next attempt was to resort to butthurt rage, which only caused more interest in who he was and what he was possibly hiding. When he realized how badly his plan had backfired, he threatened all of ED with a v& and then fled from IRC for good.

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