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The truth This 'criminals' only crime was trusting too much.... Adrian Pomorski & his feline

Adrian Pomorski, or affectionately known as "Pomz", was the victim of a horrible misconception of information that resulted in the death of his beloved pet cat. The ironic thing is you also may be mislead by the same information.

It is a widely believed fact that a cat does in fact have nine lives, one person that had faith in this myth was the innocent, simple character of Pomorski. He felt no reason to question this as he had heard it from people, in movies and written in books. Unfortunately there is no law against misleading and lying to the pubic. So when Pomorski, who had always mantained his dream of one day performing stunts for an audience with his beloved cat, began practicing his daring, life threatening yet entertaining stunts with his cat, he thought at no time would it die. He believed would have to kill the cat a total of nine times before death would take effect. He was shocked to find the cats lifeless body beneath a shovel he had affectionately slammed into his cat with. Filled with an overwhelming sense of dread he clutched his furry best friend in his arms, as his shocked slutbitch/director continued filming the tragic turn of events. What was meant to be the beginning of the duo's dream of performing sadly had become the end of a beautiful friendship shared between a boy and his feline. Yet, this was not the worst of it...

After the video had surfaced Pomorski was condemned by the public and the authorities. In a time of mourning, Adrian was vilified by the public and prosecuted by the authorities. All because he put faith in the word of his fellow man. The only crime Adrian was guilty of was trusting the word of the public.

Contact Details

The funny thing is it listed he was in the suburb Brama Lodge and the only other Pomorski in the phone book is...


It is 3ish kms away from Brama Lodge...


"Sen-Sgt Faehrmann told the court Pomorski had since used Facebook to threaten a person who had reported the incident."


Is he dead yet?
"I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next."
At the moment Adrian is still over coming the loss of his companion, 
he has the support of Jesus and the RSPCA.
Yet, thru the present and upcoming hardships 
he faces, Adrian has still maintained his positive 
He is currently working on his Animal Activist 
organization called "Fun Feline Friends Fraternity" 
which focus's on preventing unentertaining cruelty 
toward cats.
He is also training to become a pet cremation 
Adrian is still upset and confused as 
to why his actions have caused such an uproar. 
He only hopes that people learn from his 
misfortunes and the myth that a cat has nine 
lives is quashed.
'''Support Your Local Adrian Pomorski'''

we are also looking to set up an 
Adrian Pomorski appreciation society fund, 
to help ease the cost of his legal support.

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