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Adura acts out like a raging faggot, and becomes butthurt when called out on it, on his site Sleepywood.

Posing for his craigslist personal ad.
Holy shit, I came.

Adura, or Sean, is a Canadian, and the proud owner of a Maplestory site called, which is world renowned for having a massive concentration of weeaboo and azn faggotry. He is also the current system admin for Happy Wheels Proofs. He purchased the site for roughly two thousand dollars from it's previous owner, and now is making a massive profit off of adsense and donations because he lives with his mommy and doesn't have any expenses. Retarded azns and weeaboos will pay upwards to $80 to him just for a script that will allow them to have a background in their posts, and all of that is profit, as his site costs him almost nothing to run. Much like most internet gaming companies, he has harnessed the spending power of little kids with no life, to provide him with enough income to ensure a steady flow of cheetos and mountain dew (or as they call it in kkkanada, The Nectar of Life).

While his neckbeard and obesity may indicate a normal internet user, what sets him apart is his particular brand of egotistical crazy, likely brought on by his power as administrator over the azn kids that play maplestory and addiction to gay furry vore. He will consistently act out in a confusing display of homoerotic rage, and when people politely point out that he's being a tremendous fuck, he quickly becomes emo and hands out bans like disgusting, unwanted c]andy. Females are in luck, though, if you strike up a conversation with him, you can send him nudes and he will make you a moderator immediately, as he enjoys new material to stroke his tiny wang to.

While many staff and high profile users have left the site due to his faggotry, he continues his internet rampage of lurking in the shadows and thinking he is being clever in his actions, when really nobody gives a shit.

Adura is a Burly Bear.

There is a high likelihood that he will attempt to use his riches to move to Japan and attempt to woo an asian into becoming his bride, as everyone knows Asian women have no greater goal in life than to get with a white man, with their gigantic dong, regardless of looks and personality. Chicks in Japan are easy.