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From Encyclopedia Dramatica

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Ae tan by Jcdr.png

Ae-tan (also known as AE-tan and æ-tan) is the moe personification and mascot of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Classy, she is the rival of Wikipe-tan, the meager maid who serves this role for Wikipedia. Some used to argue that she was Girlvinyl herself, however, this steaming load could be smelled all the way to the Moon as Ae-tan is not a walking whale.

Ae-tan was envisioned by Sheneequa to be the counterpart to Wikipe-tan, because if Wikipedians can be anime faggots, so can we. However, Mungbean (aka Fapman) was the one who actually created the fucking thing.

Our mascot in all her monocled glory About missing Pics


OhInternet posted a couple pictures insinuating that their mascot, "Ohi-tan", is simply Ae-tan with a haircut. This, of course, is just another steaming load.

Time to let go.png OhI-tan.jpg

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The History of Encyclopedia Dramatica

In Chronological Order

In the BeginningAttempted coup of the wikiRFJason CL ExperimentMay 2007Dancing sandwich warThe Creation of the ED MascotED is sued by the Australian Human Rights CommissionsAn Interview with the Australian MediaSome of the most popular articles are deletedGirlvinyl redirects domain to sanitized site for JewgoldsOperation founder v& • We lose our .ch domain due to faggots, and welcome the .se with open arms • Daniel Brandt loses the game, peace is restored to ED • Bullet to the Head of the NRA

During the Great Reign of ED:
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Other Notable Years:


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