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None of this appears on the site.
Loli's closed.

Aerisdies is a lame porn site with a crappy bandwidth that is in cahoots with

Both sites were thought dead at one point, but were really just upgrading for no reason.

And with most hentai sites, the character that looks to be ten years old gets the most hits and comments. Also their gay little watermark can suck my nuts.

Aerisdies recently begun new faggotry by making you have to click the image to be able to right-click save. In addition, clicking on an image into a new tab also loads the image on your current tab, causing massive fail. In addition to this, AerisDies has a new retarded feature called LimitBreak that you must activate every single fucking time you open something because noone will advertise on their site because it sucks, thus they can't pay for their bandwidth. PROTIP: Using FireFox add-on AdBlock Plus prevents this & so doesGOOGLE CHROME, seeing how their faggotry is a simple transparent flash object superimposed over the image, because the admins obviously haven't taken CSIII. This allows anyone looking for Rule 34 of their favorite cartoon/anime to fap to their heart's content.

Fucktards at Life

Master_Marik 5/8/06 06:05 am
May's Hot.
Dark 5/30/06 03:12 am
Yes,she is 
zgamer 6/11/06 11:39 pm
theyre both right
Mean Mr Mustard 6/19/06 05:21 am
Indeed. This pic is just ok though.
Zero 7/13/06 04:01 pm
Yes she´s a hottie 
hentai lover 7/29/06 11:23 pm
she is alot hotter than misty but not as hot as jessie
xxxhentai 7/31/06 03:32 pm
Misty is hotter then may, and may's hotter then Jessie
kjk 8/1/06 07:18 pm
may's hotter than both of them cuz 1/2 of jessies' pics don't show anything good!!!
may 8/5/06 07:59 am
may is hotter than any pokemon girl
Ateru 8/6/06 04:02 pm
May is insanely hot.
HENTAI-KING 8/7/06 09:28 pm
hhmmmmm......ill just have sex wit all of them
hentai shadow 8/8/06 12:02 am
May is really very hot, but I think Ashs mom is the hottest pokemon girl
Rich 8/11/06 12:51 pm
I kinda liked Duplica from WAY back. But the absolute hottest is Loreli fromt he first Elite four. You will NEVER see hentai on her. That's why she's the hottest. Oh, Sabrina was hot too...
@[email protected] 8/13/06 06:49 pm
May is the best, fuck the rest! XD (Specially her too! *-* lol...)
blahman 8/16/06 03:49 am
yeah she is hot but i hate how the best part is blured out. we all know what there doing, so why blur it out?
qza1224 8/23/06 04:20 am
Because blahman it is illegal for hentai imported from japan to be un-blured.
blahman 8/24/06 04:02 am
huh, i did not know that
Guest 8/25/06 07:17 am
Flannery is the hottest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucktards at Life, Part 2

Fenix2337, 2/7/07 09:40 pm 0 
The Rock, 2/21/07 09:32 am / 0 that Penny fucking young cricket(if i can seee it is young criket)? 
The Rock, 2/21/07 09:34 am / 0 
is that Penny fucking young criket? 
lolmyusername, 2/22/07 08:53 am / 0 
I'm pretty sure the guy is 9-Volt, based on the hairstyle. Haven't played Smooth Moves yet, though. 
yoma, 3/29/07 05:19 pm / 0  
Its 9-volt, young cricket has black hair 
H Viruz, 8/9/07 10:09 pm / 0 
I'd love to know what he screams though.. 

morsthanatos, 2/6/07 11:32 am 0 
I love Mona!!  
ZenOfThunder, 2/7/07 09:51 pm 0 
This here is Mona Pizza! Maker of the world's best eats-a! Fresh sauce and cheese galor-ore! Brought straight to your front do-oor! I forgot the rest... I think there's a YTMND with the full song.  
Kotana-H-Shinobi, 2/21/07 07:16 am 0 
here it is i think 
Im The Weirdest Bish you will ever meet!   
WTFsandwich, 4/16/07 10:43 pm 0 
I'd eat her pizza. ...I'm so dumb.
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