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He didn't double check his lawbooks.

The age at which fucking a given individual will not land you in jail with the other pedophiles. It is determined mostly by the country you're in and the amount of Jew gold you are willing to spit out to obtain the underage booty. Age of consent is important information to keep in mind, especially if you are trapped in the closet.

Historical Roots

Greeks invented Shota as a form of high art.

See: none. Age of consent is a product of our modern age. Back in the day, a girl was ripe to dong away at as soon as she was alone for moar than a minute. A shotgun wedding would follow and you would be stuck telling this girl to gb2/kitchen for the rest of your natural life. This is why buttsecks with small boys was in style with such people as Greeks, Romans, Mongols, Niggers and Pirates. A wooden peg and a little time would ensure that your seven-year-old bottom would be nice and loose for long voyages and extended military campaigns.

Julius Ceaser, the first sysop of the Roman Empire who ruled at least 100 years ago, had a big Shota fetish. It was by his example that it became popular with the rich and beautiful of the day. This tradition has continued to the present day, and is the staple economy of most slant-eyed countries.

Age of consent laws were invented in Amerikkka by Chris Hansen around the same time niggas started bitching about equal rights and condoms were invented. Civilized countries around the world began to follow suit, forcing pedophiles to relocate their ancient traditions to the exotic and populous East.

IN B4 V&

JB is born

Although age of consent laws are supposed to protect the poor little lolis, all they've done is set the standard for online predators and /b/ to duck under. As of now, all pr0n just under the age of consent is classified as JB and is sought after by every basement dwelling acne-defaced luser on the internets. These laws also give camwhores the validation they seek and the tools to extract Amazon and eBay wishlist purchases from the desperate.

Foolproof ways to dodge the age of consent

Surprisingly, not according to Thai law.

An Anon Projects

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