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Ahmed Mohamed is a Mudslime who wanted, along with his father, to get media attention, donations, and job offers as a presumed victim of "Islamophobia." To do this, he took apart a digital clock and put the parts into a suitcase, pretending that he had built it himself. Later in the school day, he showed it to his English teacher. The clock looked like a hoax suitcase bomb, so obviously, she proceeded to call the police. It didn't help that he was extremely passive aggressive throughout the ordeal, to the point of refusing to tell school staff just what it was he had brought to school, waiting until police arrived before admitting it was a clock. Because suitcase "clocks" are typical, amirite? He was interrogated for a few hours and released.

Despite the fact that many white children were suspended (and worse) over similar incidents, internet SJWs took to Twitter bitching about how the evil whyte mane was oppressing Ahmed under the hashtag Twitter-favicon.png #IStandWithAhmed, and how white people were evil for being privileged. The irony is that as a result, he was invited to the White House by Barack Hussein Osama, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and NASA, along with receiving several internship offers, even as most engineering students have to relentlessly apply to companies for a sliver of a chance.

Family History

His father, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed is a prolific troll who periodically runs for president of Sudan... from the comfort of his home outside Dallas. He also defended the Koran when it was on trial at the Christian Terry Jones's church, causing much butthurt and lulz. The Koran was found guilty and sentenced to death, though Jones waited till his fellow troll was gone before carrying out the execution. Eager for more lutz and publicity, Mohamed is seeking another crazy Christian to host a rematch.


The role of race


Many white children in the past had been suspended, even over toy guns. Also, nobody seemed to care that one of the cops is black, despite talks about evil white people... but it doesn't matter, we guess?

Also, Steve Wozniak once built a metronome that sounded like a bomb and he got arrested for it. But muh white privilege, amirite?? PLOT TWIST: Islam isn't even a race.

False Equivalences


The Jew media naturally reported that Ahmed's clock looked like a standard analog clock, so many people started posting pictures of analog clocks on twitter, claiming that Texas had gone insane. However, his clock actually looked very similar to a suitcase bomb.

Not only that, he didn't even remove the backup 9V battery slot, typically used in case of a power outage. Yet somehow he "managed" to build it in 20 minutes.

Internship Offers

Ahmed received several internship offers from Mark Jewkerberg, Google, Twitter, and NASA, along with other places, all for dismantling a clock. Allah rewarded him for all his "struggles"


Private life

When he's not busy inventing building smashing stuff and calling it an invention you can often find him on steam or youtube. Not only is he a rabid PewDiePie fan but he also thinks that the US were Nazis and killed poor innocent Jews. He also invented a great new way to get followers on youtube, by posting your own phone number.

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