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Don't worry, she's just removing the extra thick peach juice from her vagina

AIR TV is yet another Animu involving a man in his twenties befriending an Asspie loli by the name of Misuzu. Srsly, this bitch makes dinosaur noises when she gets upset and cries hysterically at random. The main character is a homeless effeminate young man who somehow has white hair, and sleeps on a slab of concrete near a fucking pier every night. He awakens to find the half-retarded Misuzu fucking around with pigeons or some shit, before she gives that retarded anime smile (the one where they cock their head, close their eyes and their disproportionally tiny mouth does this gay little grin?) and proceeds to offer him some juice. If you can get past the eye-rape which is the fucking extraordinarily bright scenery and the fact that each female character has gargantuan, sparkly eyes, you'll soon find out that NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS IN THE ENTIRE SERIES.


Plot? An asspie invites a homeless young man to live in her shitty little Jap house with her slutty young mother five minutes after meeting him. From there, nothing much happens. They just sit about, whine about shit, walk around the village and then hug. Oh yeah, there is that part where suddenly the story skips into like over 9,000 years in the past to explain some lame plot device shit about the main characters mother who wanted to find some girl in the sky. Oh yeah, and Misuzu dies at the end. Each episode (after the first one) follows a strict formula:

  1. Main character wakes up naked in the livingroom, his bunghole hurting something fierce
  2. Misuzu cooks breakfast (what kind of mother let's her retard daughter cook?)
  3. Misuzu and main character meander around town, running into lolis and emotionless 2d characters
  4. Misuzu cries and her mother drinks sake
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!


Like most shit churned out of the gaping vagoo that is Japan, AIR TV (in all of its innocence and excessive crybaby drama) was based on an adult game in which the main character gets to brutally rape one of three lolis. Good times, good times.

proof of teh wincest

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