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So. I again want to try to make my style into a more cartoony anime,[as endling as my inspiration OTL] then straight up desu-eyed anime like I do now. I’ve completely trashed the idea of semi realism/realism.


Brooke, Abandoning all hope of getting into an art college. [1]

DeviantDIVAs know no shame

AishaxNekox, also known as Brooke, is another deviantART attention whore that has shamelessly gained fame by spawning a cornucopia of shiny, rainbow colored shemale monstrosities. Having absolutely no idea what color theory or anatomy is, Aisha has developed a sense of unwarranted self-importance while she continues to trace other art in order to develop her own eye-sores she dare labels as "art". But don’t let that worry you, she’s totally improving! However, despite this completely unbelievable claim of “improving”, Aisha has proven that she is just like every other user on deviantART: a coward who cringes at the site of helpful criticism. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to observe how Aisha achieved the fame of being a deviantDIVA as she has paved the pathway for her red carpet by spitting in the faces of others.


Unfortunately, as we all know, deviantART is populated by a herd of morons that will be too fascinated by blinding colors to see the truth. That’s okay, because you have Special ED to explain all of the mind numbing experiences for you. The number one rule of deviantART is that anime art; regardless of how poorly constructed it is, will automatically rise to fame. Aisha decided to speed up this process by using her whiny journals as an accelerator. The problem is that Aisha simply wants more attention; due to her arts rise in popularity she has inevitably met criticism. It was until her response to criticism is when she truly tasted the bitterness of negative attention. She also learned that with negative attention comes with more of her fans white knighting for her. Thus by continuously feeding the fire with her unnecessarily obnoxious attitude she has additionally gained more blind fan support.

Just a reminder that things are totally fine and that she doesn't want you to pay attention to her.
Aisha enjoying her compliments.
pfft, so they really did go through on it huh? xD ahh well, im not even going to go bother to look at it, i dont see the point. I hope whomever feels better about their life after typing it up or whatnot~ ahh, no congrats are in order, getting an ED is a really terrible, terrible thing.


—Aisha, showing the first stage of butthurt upon seeing this article

The process of this is simple:

  • Do stupid shit
  • Gain people calling you out for it
  • Gain people to defend you
  • Let the notoriety roll in as pageviews

Her fans are just as responsible for her inflated ego. No matter how much advice they seem to give her, she simply won’t stop with the journals that constantly ramble on about her low self-esteem. They have proven that they can’t see through her and notice that it’s all a ploy to gain more people to pat her back.

pfft, age 10-12. WTF HAPPENED HERE? Well, we moved and i turned all disgusting goth D: My hair got darker and wavier and i didnt brush it at all and blehh. i also had HORRIBLE acne with looked so. amazing. with my pasty skin. Hated life except for my (surprisingly well sized) group of just as poser goth friends. got picked on..a LOT. drew emo depressing things and video game characters. watched anime, MAINLY NARUTO FF. gaara fan girl. was weird as hell....middle school was not fun for me :CC


—Aisha, in an example of her typical bullshit

Her art

Aisha responding to critique.

While it is true that Aisha does put more effort in her art than most users she has shown that she is completely clueless on how to make her pieces to look less like eyesores. That means all the effort she puts into a piece will merely contribute to its faults. Let’s take a scenario in which she is in a bizarro world in which she didn’t hide any critique and took a fraction of them to heart. Even in that situation, Aisha’s art would have been immensely different as most criticism points out the coloring and anatomy. Sad to say, bizarro world is just as imaginary as her worthless character, Skye.

What has also made trolls raise many questions is the inconstancy of her gallery; her fans can’t comprehend this because they are still blinded by her rainbow atrocities. Because of her lack of knowledge in color theory, Aisha somehow made herself believe that plastering her art with a palette full of rainbows will make her shit ~*perfect*~. It is needless to state that it simply doesn’t. Like many weeaboos, she absolutely fails to understand how basic human structure works leaving her with pieces with awkward perspective and anatomy.

its so easy anyone can do it!


Am I original yet??

Wait, that's a guy?


—Lucard-Mistfang, asking the typical question about Skye

Skye is Aisha’s ideal boyfriend who can't actually "love" which she passes off as an original character. It is through Skye that Aisha continually whores him out for popularity as he is presented is the stereotypical bishie. Skye is generally used as a guide on “how not to design characters” as his design is nothing more than useless add-on with its obligatory “belts and chains everywhere”. Because of his unnecessarily complex design including his nonsensical accessories Aisha turns to tracing other art in order to make hers look somewhat stable.

Before her wave of popularity, Skye had a different and more simplistic design such as the absence of Mary Sue qualities. The other bullshit was added because it leads to other people drooling over him leading to her infamy. Because of his fanbase, Aisha developed a strong protection over him with the typical “COPYTIGHT – DO NOT STEAL” tag on him. You can break her super serious copyright laws by having a character with a monochromatic color scheme.

She spends a lot of her time on her tumblr answering a batshit load of questions her fantards ask her about her outragously shit mary sue characters, skye being among them, and asking her what the fuck is the plot behind them, sometimes it takes an essay of bullshit non-sense words just to answer 1 question about her character Skye in her stupid attempts to make Skye original she instead just continues to make him into more of a mary sue and confuse anyone who tries to understand what he is and how he manages to be fucken "alive" in her story.


Rubbing shit in people's faces and asking for it.

One day sometime in 2010, Aisha finally decided she wasn't getting enough attention for herself, which made her desperateness exceed maximum levels. She decided to draw a picture talking about how unoriginal and boneheaded she is in the first panel, then that chick from the meme "that makes me moist" in the second panel, then finally in the last one saying how she's too good for anyone and how haters make her famous. This lead to a huge wave of drama, people telling her how self absorbed she was while a horde of white knights came to defend Aisha, who was most likely touching herself from all the attention she was getting, but right when she was about to squirt she saw that the comments where talking bad about her which lead the butthurt of 1,000 suns to her ass.

All the drama even lead her to /ic/. Knowing that /ic/ is one of the not lulzy boards of 4chan, no one paid much mind to it until someone posted on her dA about the thread which lead to everyone batshitting on it, white knights, trolls, 4channers, and even Aisha got caught up in the clusterfuck that happened. Of course she failed to defend herself since getting a 16-year-old girl to defend herself on 4chan is like pinning oatmeal to a wall. As her butthurt grew more, she decided to hiatus. Even though she said for a month, she quickly uploaded desu drawings the next day.

I admit it, like everyone else, I am a little jealous of AishaxNekox's fame. And of her creativity. And her style.

But I think she is a GREAT artist, who deserves the place she is in, and yes she IS still learning but give me a break she’s like only a year older than me. She’s famous, that doesn’t make her a bitch. She gets so much shit every day and she takes it in her FUCKING STRIDE. You wish you were like that. She appreciates all the nice comments, in fact, she has replied to a few of mine and she is absolutely CHARMING. Her compositions are fun, her ideas are good, and her drawings are detailed and visually lovely- ADMIT IT. YOU WISH YOU HAD DRAWN THOSE CHARACTERS FIRST. Or at least something similar, cause you know everyone’s gonna tell you you copied her when you try. BURN.

Yes, I am not a groupie, hell I don’t even watch her on dA, but she is a self-respecting artist with a vast number of deviations and tons of people love her work, so why hate her? You should be ADMIRING her. Trust me she is not even half as butthurt as anyone else on the site. If I were her, I’d be posting video responses about how I wanted to kill myself because of what they’d said or something!

So she enjoys her fame. Who wouldn’t? I’m pretty syre Lady Gaga enjoys HER fame, and she uses it to the best of her abilities, so come on. Besides, she’s not that kind of famous that people would stop her on the street and lick her shoes. Yet. Just calm down. Let her be happy with what she has rightfully earned.

I’m going through her ED article, and oh my god ED is full of whiny ass hoes who do nothing but moan and complain and hide behind anon masks cause they’re fat fucks who get off on bitching about people. Yawn. Look what they said: “Also, 17,304 people watch her while she only watches 1,469. Which makes it obvious she doesnt give a shit about her fans, only to the people who can truly draw and actually waste their time to draw her shitty OCs, amazingly.”

Everyone does that. Even artists who aren’t famous. There is no time. Perhaps you don’t like their art enough to watch them back. THERE. IS. NO. TIME. I watch like 44 people and 79 watch me, SO SUE ME. You all have the exact same thing. Either that, or you watch more people than they watch you and you secretly hate it.

She’s a lovely person, she is human, she reacts to things the same way anyone would- or better, considering her fame! She has feelings, just like us. She has talent, and she knows how to use it. She has ideas, so she draws them down. She doesn’t have to respond to anyone. She does what she wants. She’s not a goddess, she’s a normal person. She’s not asking to be a goddess, or at least from what I’ve seen. Just let it go, guys. Just cause she didn’t want to “be your bff forever” doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate the sentiment.

One thing you would notice is Aisha's huge amount of fantards. Anyone who says anything bad/good about her drawings WILL be answered by them because Aisha is far more superior than her fans. All of them consist of 13-16 year old girls, weeaboos, and even some sparklefurs that she conscripted after finding out they are totally gay for her. Notice the majority are FEMALE and emofags thus proving that women are the source of all cancer. Manning the harpoons may cause the legendary multitroll. If this is ever achieved it will cause the massive destruction where seas of deviantartlets will simultaneously baw. There are some who asspat her to the highest ranking of her fantards, such as:

KlownCar, (who uploaded a comic right after this article was created about how the mean people should stop buillying her Aishax!!Desu! Though she later deleted it because the meanies start trolling her.) KlownCar is the general of Aisha's army of white knights and the most highly ranked out of the uncountable amount of fantards that Aisha has. She draws for her 24/7 and copies her style hoping that one day she will get special services from Aisha.

LOL FFFF haters gonna hate ~ Ed articals are nothing but sad bashing. How has THAT much time to write out a whole page about this girl, really? its plain sad and nothing you guys do will make her leave or stop drawing. LOL so funny seeing how SO MANY PEOPLE come here to bash only when shes gone but then she comes back everyone STFU.<: don't listen to any of them hun and don't even care about the ED crap. THEY JUST MAD B)


—They're just mad ^___^

Along with trying to still get blind, white-knights to defend her, instead of actually trying to defend herself with poorly made excuses, or actually IMPROVING and making her own art and not tracing, she lurks around watching shit on JewTube, which is the only place to have recent activity of the brat and her "friends".

***Aisha from deviantART is nothing but an immature 17 year old girl. Who lies out the freaking ahole. Now, let us backtrack. To last summer. Last summer (July 3rd to be correct) Aisha said her mom had breast cancer. Now, I'm not going to say anything wrong or mean, cause I know what it's like. But imagine this, how come Aisha "problem" is more important then her mom having cancer? I mean, think about it. Aisha only had to get her gallbladder taken out and she gone for half a year. But when her mom has cancer she gone for a couple days/weeks. So, the whole 'when to tumblr because of ----" is bullcrap. Just, think about that.


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